August 24, 2016

Fix Florida by Costa Sunglasses

At one time, Florida was a waterman’s paradise, made up of pristine estuaries, and home to healthy fish populations. Recent events have put three of Florida’s estuaries in an environmental disorder, but these events are not new, they are caused by more than half a century of development, agriculture and water mismanagement.

Costa Sunglasses uses a sense of magic (and its loss over time) to bring attention to this environmental issue in an accessible and emotionally compelling way.

Watch the full video here.














great brands are communicated, not designed

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August 23, 2016

Folk Theatre

Designer Ranganath Krishnamani created a series of images, which embody a modern take on the rich legacy and history of folk theater in South India.

Folk shared through the form of song, dance and theater have nourished a rich tradition, which is depicted using local gods and goddess.

The series celebrates the basic human passion, history, philosophies, tradition, drama, colourful dresses, headgears and character that make it so unique to India.












great brands are communicated, not designed

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August 22, 2016

Just my Type

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Jenue is a Spanish Artist and Art director, who divides his time between Madrid and London.

He makes playful images for editorials, music, and advertisements with his own colourful view and style.

He is in love with creating words and images, where art and design make a big difference and go further from traditional typography. Always keen to approach new ways to produce beautiful images and forever curious to explore new treatments, combining computer graphics and the real world, Jenue is excited to generate and mix textures and produce compositions, from different elements, as never seen before.

Check out a selection of his work below or view his full portfolio here










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August 19, 2016

Little ‘Monsters’

Studio Muti worked with the Huffington Post on a series of gifs to classify the many weird and wonderful specimens of little ‘monsters’ you may encounter in your expeditions as a parent this summer, and we love these little monsters.



Unlike the eerily quiet Pad People or the spritely Breezebums, a Deciblor will immediately announce its presence via its preferred method of communication: being really, really loud. While the screeching of the “Frozen” soundtrack is most commonly observed (and, unfortunately, heard), Deciblors are also known to make “music” with nearby silverware, expensive electronic devices, or any instrument foolishly given to them on a previous birthday. Luckily for those coping with infestations, many Deciblor-caused migraines disappear six to eight weeks after the beginning of the school year.


The impish, mischievous Breezebums has but one longing during the short summer: to be free. This desire to free itself from captivity — epitomized by the chafing shackles of clothing — often sets a Breezebum on a collision course with its neighboring parents. For mothers and fathers insistent on respecting public nudity laws, the Breezebum can prove a cunning foe, adept at wriggling out of the most tightly cinched outfits at the most inopportune moments — like church service or Bring Your Child to Work Day. But parents dealing with a Breezebum infestation might look on the bright side; a Breezebum / Crusty Demon hybrid would be much worse.


While the near-feral, mud-caked visage of a Digger can evoke feelings of terror in many parents, Diggers are surprisingly affectionate creatures. Therein lies the danger. A Digger’s penchant for playing in and with muck, mulch, sand, soil, red clay, brown clay, all clay, bugs, frogs, leaf piles, and objects that may or may not be dog poo makes their hugs a stomach-churning experience. Experts studying Digger behavior urge parents to keep their garden hoses at the ready.




Upon first encountering the unsettling Pad Person, many parents instinctively ask, “Who are you and what you done with my child?” Given their ghostly appearance, blank stare and almost total silence (broken only for the intermittent request to approve another in-app purchase), this reaction is easy to understand. The good news is that Pad People are easily restored to their former selves: in numerous cases, a quick sabotage of household Wi-Fi networks has been enough to release them from their pixel-dense purgatory.


Beauty, it is said, is in the eye of the beholder. Everything else is in a Behoarder’s loot pile. These voracious collectors are never satisfied with mere toys. Rather, they busy themselves gathering items like dingy blankets, oddly shaped sticks and pretty rocks. After the collecting ritual is finished, these creatures are known to lure parents into complimenting their odious junkpile. Parents should use extreme caution around a Behoarder’s stash: any missing item — whether the disappearance was caused by a parent or not — can unleash a destructive tantrum.



The oddity of the Phlegmalisk is that it is not one creature, but two. At times, it may seem indistinguishable from a normal, active, playful child. At other times, the Phlegmalisk reveals that beneath its energetic veneer lies a creature that is primarily composed of snot — snot which is often liberally and indiscriminately distributed to any individuals or items that come near it. Any parent approaching a suspected Phlegmalisk should take care to cover their mouths; it is guaranteed that Phlegmalisk will not.


Woe be unto the walls and floors and furniture (or basically any surface) of a domain inhabited by the many-huedPrismasaur. This otherwise docile little creature descends into a frenzy at the sight of a tastefully muted interior design scheme, which it attacks with permanent markers, acrylic paint and even the occasional bottle of nail polish. Early evidence suggests Prismasaurs may be distracted by placing a pristine drawing pad along its painting routes.


Some summertime monsters are benign. Some are irksome. But one is the stuff of parental nightmares: The Crusty Demon. Legends speak of a ravenous devourer of all things messy; a spiller of drinks; and a creature with fingers so sticky, they’re practically candycoated. Although encounters with the Demon are thankfully rare, scientists believe that almost 90 percent have been fatal to nearby furniture. The legends also offer hope: parental saliva, if applied vigorously, may temporarily stun the creature.


great brands are communicated, not designed

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August 18, 2016

BlackBay Brewery & CO

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A new favourite designer of ours is Carlos de Toro. We fell in love with his 3D Experimental Type project and he is back with more beautiful design.

Introducing BlackBay Brewery & CO

BlackBay Brewery & CO is a new craft beer company based in Byron Bay (Australia), led by Liam Brooks and David O’neil. BlackBay’s aim is to export Australian beer (of course), but also Australian culture, values and spirit as a referent abroad, so their beers are based and inspired by the things they value the most: their land legacy, the hot Australian barley fields and the sea (they became friends thanks to surf before starting this project). Sweet Ale, Summer Ale and Pacific Ale are really limited edition beers: each bottle is a little treasure that will be enjoyed by customers so the design makes each bottle literally unique and numbered in the front. Risography printed.

Check out the project below and see more of Carlos’ work here







BlackBay-Beer-5cc (1)








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August 15, 2016

PUNny Foods by Ben Chelouche

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Everyday foods live up to their names in these humorous shots by graphic designer and photographer Ben Chelouche

Check out a few of our favourites below or head here for some more food fun






































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August 12, 2016

Portraits from Africa

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Rafael Comino Matas, a Spanish artist, uses one of the most inspiring, unique ways to capture his experiences in Africa –  journaling in the form of a sketchbook.

He captures powerful portraits of people that he meets along the journey.

His striking mix of different materials such as watercolor, pencil, and pen create beautiful effects in his handmade sketchbook. Both the inside and outside of the sketchbook are simplistic and unified. The work contains a strong native vibe, but what stands out the most is the amount of emotion in each of the portraits: the expressive eyes of the people tell a powerful story, and Rafael does a magnificent job sharing it.

Check out a few of the magnificent sketches below















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August 11, 2016

Getting weird with Donovan Goliath

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When his parents named him, Donovan David Goliath, they must have known that with such a loaded name, their son would have a few internal conflicts. It is this essential inner struggle at his core that eventually led him to choose a full time career in comedy over a lucrative job in advertising. What may have seemed like a risky move to everyone around him has turned out to be a goliathan gain for comedy audiences.


Donovan worked as an art director at Network BBDO for 6 years before resigning to start a comedy company called Goliath and Goliath with fellow comics Jason Goliath, Nicholas and their manager Kate Goliath(no relation to any of them, just pure coincidence). Together with the Goliath team they now own and run popular hotspot Roast café and the Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch.


Most of his work is about growing up in Mthatha as a young coloured boy who looks white but speaks fluent Xhosa. His act is rooted in insightful storytelling and simple truths using various characters and impersonations.

Donovan has played to some of the biggest comedy audiences in South Africa with appearances at Soweto Comedy Festival, Blacks Only, 99% Xhosa, 99% Zulu, African Kings of Comedy, Aweh Mzansi and completed a 3 month run at a comedy variety show called LOL at Gold Reef City. He was nominated in the ‘Newcomer Of The Year Category’ in 2012 at the Comics Choice Awards and in 2013 and 2014 in the ‘Breakthrough Act Of The Year’ category as well. Donovan was also a contestant on the widely popular show Strictly Come Dancing and hosted The Great South African Bake Off.  He has just completed a successful run of his much anticipated one man show ‘The Live Series with Donovan Goliath’


Check out Donovan at CreativeMornings Johannesburg – 26 August, 08:30.

Get your tickets here

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August 10, 2016

Face to Face with Fonts

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What if our fonts could reflect exactly what we feel?

We use emojis to bring some emotion to the otherwise bland world of instant messaging but what if we could show what we feel by changing the font with the most expressive part of our bodies, our faces. Conceptual designer Renee Verhoeven’s Type Face, a project that seeks to incorporate facial expressions into font design.

Facial expressions mean the same things in different cultures. By tapping into this universal mode of communication, Verhoeven hopes to facilitate a more informative and emotional conversation.

This project consists of a video exploring the application of emotions to a font in a dialogue, and an app called FaceOSC that reads several facial expressions and translates these into different fonts, applied to a chosen text.

 Check out a few stills from the project below or view the full video here
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.11.49 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.12.00 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.12.09 AM
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