CreativeMornings Johannesburg turned 5 we made it happen

Building the creative community in Johannesburg and South Africa are very close to our hearts. Which is one of the reasons we have been running CreativeMornings in Johannesburg for the last 5 years.

Since September 2017 we have hosted 53 talks for 3253 different people. 

There was even a photo booth

Special thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Especially the Nicework team

Alexa, Alexis, Andrea, Anri, Arlene, Ayanda, Ben, Brittany, Candice, Conor, Dave, Gordon, Jason, Jess, Johan, Kyle, Lauren, Luci, Naledi, Rebecca, Rochelle, Romey, Tessa, Thea, Tumi and Yadev

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Simon Dingle – In Maths we Trust

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.

This month our theme is Transparency and we’re letting Simon Dingle do the talking.

Simon is a broadcaster and designer who believes we’re doing money wrong and is trying to fix it. He hosts a weekly radio show about technology on 5FM and previously directed product design at Curve (London), BitX (Singapore), and 22seven (Cape Town). He is an advisor to AlphaCode at Rand Merchant Holdings and a small group of clients through his company Phantom Design. When not writing about himself in the third person Simon speaks anywhere people will allow him to about tech, and the future of money and human trust.

Grab your ticket here –


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CreativeMornings: Transparency

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Getting weird with Donovan Goliath


When his parents named him, Donovan David Goliath, they must have known that with such a loaded name, their son would have a few internal conflicts. It is this essential inner struggle at his core that eventually led him to choose a full time career in comedy over a lucrative job in advertising. What may have seemed like a risky move to everyone around him has turned out to be a goliathan gain for comedy audiences.


Donovan worked as an art director at Network BBDO for 6 years before resigning to start a comedy company called Goliath and Goliath with fellow comics Jason Goliath, Nicholas and their manager Kate Goliath(no relation to any of them, just pure coincidence). Together with the Goliath team they now own and run popular hotspot Roast café and the Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch.


Most of his work is about growing up in Mthatha as a young coloured boy who looks white but speaks fluent Xhosa. His act is rooted in insightful storytelling and simple truths using various characters and impersonations.

Donovan has played to some of the biggest comedy audiences in South Africa with appearances at Soweto Comedy Festival, Blacks Only, 99% Xhosa, 99% Zulu, African Kings of Comedy, Aweh Mzansi and completed a 3 month run at a comedy variety show called LOL at Gold Reef City. He was nominated in the ‘Newcomer Of The Year Category’ in 2012 at the Comics Choice Awards and in 2013 and 2014 in the ‘Breakthrough Act Of The Year’ category as well. Donovan was also a contestant on the widely popular show Strictly Come Dancing and hosted The Great South African Bake Off.  He has just completed a successful run of his much anticipated one man show ‘The Live Series with Donovan Goliath’


Check out Donovan at CreativeMornings Johannesburg – 26 August, 08:30.

Get your tickets here

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August is all about weird at CreativeMornings


Whether it’s butter in coffee, bacon on doughnuts, fashion in the 80’s making a return, or the culture of an organisation, weirdness reveals that there are no rules or right answers. Weirdness widens the edges of the status quo, and if we allow it, it adds beauty to our lives because it introduces us to a multitude of complexities that we may be ignoring.

This theme was chosen by our Austin chapter and illustrated by Will Bryant. This month, 150+ cities will get weird and play with weirdness. Rather than flinching at the unfamiliar, perhaps this is a time to embrace the strange, the new, and to explore our boundaries.

This theme is sponsored globally by MailChimp. Mailchimp will also be taking over the CreativeMornings newsletter for the month! Stay tuned for some weird emails coming your way throughout August. Weird illustrations, GIFS, links and jobs will be highlighted in fun, and quirky ways. Join the 110,000+ that are signed up to our global creative community! Find a local event

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CreativeMornings: June is Broken


Gaze and eye contact are simple acts, but when our attention transforms into vigilance, we begin to notice things that weren’t immediately obvious. We might notice an extra space in a paragraph or details within the texture of the page that weren’t appreciated. When we turn our eyes to the government, healthcare, traditional education or public transportation, we realize how broken everything is; it makes you wonder how the world stays intact. The difference between those who make change and those who don’t is the difference between pointing at something and saying it’s broken versus pointing at it and saying, “I am going to fix this.”

The theme was chosen by our Washington, DC chapter and illustrated by Donald Ely. This month 142 cities are not only showing you what’s broken in the world, but will also share the framework and mindset for noticing these opportunities, weaving together resources and people, and making a meaningful change that lasts.

Some speakers include:

  • Akiko Kobayashi, an architect for 15 years and a Passivhaus designer, uses design thinking to help groups explore their proposal and communicate their vision. (Edinburgh)
  • Conn Bertish, creative director at Cancer Dojo, aims to empower people facing cancer with the tools and techniques to strengthen the human immune system and ultimately enable a more positive outcome. (Cape Town)
  • Monty Montague, co-founder of BOLTGroup and a winner of various prestigious design awards including four Gold IDEA awards, is passionate about product innovation and design. (Charlotte)
  • Madeleine Recknagel, passionate educator and a ‘nearly’ zero waste blogger, will explore the current environmental issues and her personal journey into leading a greener lifestyle in a city like Bangkok. (Bangkok)
  • FAKA:  A local art duo working through performance art, as an archival project documenting the experiences of young black queer creatives locally. FAKA is a cultural movement established by best friends Thato Ramaisa and Buyani Duma (who go by the stage names Fela Gucci and Desire Marea).

And be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMbroken and @creativemorning!

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CreativeMornings: FAKA on Broken



Introducing our June CreativeMornings speaker: FAKA – a local art duo working through performance art, as an archival project documenting the experiences of young black queer creatives locally. FAKA is a cultural movement established by best friends Thato Ramaisa and Buyani Duma (who go by the stage names Fela Gucci and Desire Marea). Thato describes himself as a young queer man from Katlehong. He is exploring his limitless identity through photography, performance art, and documentation. Fela Gucci is the “character” through which he narrates these expressions. Desire Marea (Buyani) describes himself as a ‘post-gospel philosopher’ who  in the process uses his body as a way to confront contradicting truths. Through performance, he seeks to conceive a different, more inclusive reality.



11058130_1626924647548574_481859602373729136_n-620x348 fyotcxo3bs5hu74odd7y

The duo state that FAKA is “partially an archival project documenting young black queer creatives who we think, from our experience, does not relish in the exposure and recognition they deserve for being visible as who they believe themselves to be during these times.”

FAKA use performance as a medium to manifest the realities that they desire for the black queer South African. They believe in telling the truth and the stories of the people who share similar life experiences, in spaces where there is a lack of a wider representation of this kind of narrative and existence.

Catch FAKA at CreativeMornings this month discussing our global theme, Broken.

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Gareth Pon: Reality Check

Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

Photo Credit: Lauren Randolph

Gareth Pon is one of those people you see online but have no idea what he actually does for a living.

Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa. Gareth is a filmmaker, photographer, creative consultant and Africa’s Top Instagrammer (named by African Blogger Awards in 2014 & 2015) – He has been featured by CNN, MTV & Instagram’s Official Blog. Gareth is absolutely stubborn about keeping his head in the clouds and dreams of one day fulfilling his ultimate dream of going to space and capturing a photo of the Earth’s curvature in zero gravity. In addition to his creative practices, Gareth is also a passionate believer in community and founded one of the first Instagram communities in South

Africa. He has since traveled extensively in the USA, Europe and in Africa, worked with numerous brands and agencies and pioneers the use of Digital Mobile Content and Instagram as mediums for creative expression in branding, marketing, and documentation. He currently makes his living from content creation, Instagram influence, and creative consultation.

Until Gareth can one day fulfill his dream of space travel, he will continue making pixels and refusing to live a mediocre life, while keeping up the hope of one day meeting a girl whose dreams are as ridiculous as his.

Catch a reality check with Gareth Pon, Friday 27 May

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FreshBooks Campaign: Master Freelancer Award

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 08.37.55

As you may (or may not) know, every few months CreativeMornings run campaigns with our global partners. These are great opportunities to focus on sharing or doing something in particular that benefits the global community, and gives people everywhere the opportunity to participate in something across all cities in the CM family. The GIFts channel was the product of our last FreshBooks campaign. Our newsletters page is the product of a past campaign with MailChimp. When the campaign has legs, it’s something that can live on and serve all creatives in the future.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the inaugural Master Freelancer Awards, in partnership with FreshBooks. This is an open-ended award aimed at celebrating all of the world’s freelancers who don’t usually get recognized for their hard efforts.

Prizes include a free FreshBooks membership, showcasing the winner’s work to the global CreativeMornings & FreshBooks audiences, a pretty cool trophy, and some useful creative tools.

The application period will run from April 4th to June 1st, with winners to be selected in late June. For more information, check out

Happy Writing!

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CreativeMornings: Gareth Cliff on Risk

With CreativeMornings’ worldwide theme for April being Risk, we thought it would be a great idea to invite some one very well known for taking risks in the South African creative industry, to be our speaker. Gareth Cliff is a tall man. He cares about history, music, architecture, aerial photography, politics, current affairs, television, Italian bruschetta and his spaniel, Carl. Gareth has been on air for over 14000 hours, and believe it or not, he has even more to say and do. Now, as founder of, he intends to revolutionise the media business. Every morning he presents a three hour show full of entertainment, inspiration, information and opinion. Throughout his seventeen years as a broadcaster, TV personality and thought leader, he has broken rules and taken audiences to places they have never been before. Gareth lists his greatest achievements as bringing peace to the Middle-East and denying Kim Jong Un a visa to his house. Gareth wants a gilt monstrance for Christmas. Look it up.



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