Well, that is what you want everyone to believe. We think we are living in the age where we print has evolved from every day to something special. Printing something presents an opportunity to establish an emotional connection with a reader. When we started Nicework 11 years ago every branding job involved the production of physical assets. We produced full-colour letterheads, compliment slips, custom envelopes, business cards, glossy folders and sometimes even personalised stationery for each of the management team. All of this has been replaced with Microsoft templates and digital signatures.

When you print something you have the opportunity to engage a few more senses. It is a very personal thing to receive a something physical, especially custom-designed printed materials. Which captivate the eyes and hearts of an audience. Delivered by features like unique inks, foiling techniques, die cuts, folds and textures. We use print to help brands deliver positive, engaging and powerful results that increase promotional efforts. Print possesses gravity and authority not held by digital channels, which are increasingly getting fuller and fuller with content that delivers less and less value. Print is where we historically mark births, deaths, marriages and major announcements – we still use the term ‘front page news’. This sense of authority has always had applications for branding and marketing.

And the most crucial assumption brands have made about people, particularly millennials is that they prefer the immediacy of digital. In an age where the average office worker receives 121 emails a day and sends around 40 business emails daily. We believe that people respond to the physicality of a printed piece. For us, what makes print so good is that you have to make considerations about what goes into it. You are making a commitment and creating something with a level of permanence.

Here is a selection of projects we have worked on with clients to tell their story and the impact they had.

Here are four compelling reasons to invest in printing a project:

When you have a piece of content that deserves the focused time of your audience. We can help you to make something which is treasured, which ends its days making the bookshelf, coffee table or toilet just that little bit prettier and more civilised. When you create something that deserves the time of the reader, printing it, is a way of giving it the gravitas it deserves.

When you have something that needs to set in time. Something that people will reference or look back on over a period of time.

To introduce an idea or kick off a project. The reality of today is the majority of content is delivered digitally (and will continue to be) but a beautifully designed piece of print can introduce a concept, let people know a change is coming or launch a new project in a way that stands out. It is a great way to set the tone in the beginning before switching to digital.

And lastly our favourite reason. The reason we like the myth that “print is dead”. Everyone else has gone digital. This presents an opportunity to stand out.

If you have a project that deserves more than an email in a spam folder. Get in touch for some Nicework
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The Vignelli Canon

I recently re-listened to this podcast featuring the late Massimo Vignelli, best-known for creating the iconic New York City subway map, discusses intellectual elegance, education, love, the pitfalls of marketing, and his long career in design.

I urge you to download the  Vingelli Canon a concise bible of his approach to designing just about anything. This is a must-read for any designer. Enjoy.

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Korean Artist Watercolors Cities She Visits

Artist, graphic designer and illustrator Sunga Park has been travelling the world. Where most of us put our feet up and relax she has been creating soothing watercolour paintings of architecture that she admires during her stay in each location.

Hamberg, Germany


Ayasofia, Istanbul

Zagreb, Croatia

Harrods, London

Tom Gates, Oxford

View the rest of her journey here


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Striking Surrealism

Meet Afarin Sajedi – a bold and striking artist creating powerful and surreal artworks. She was educated at Tehran Azad University and has since had numerous exhibitions and shows. Her achievements include various titles and a Golden medal in students’ pencil painting competitions since 1992 and Multi-time Best College Performance titles 2000- 2004

Enjoy a selection of these surreal works below

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Heartwarming Illustrations by Pascal Campion

Fall in love with these heartwarming illustrations by Pascal Campion. Pascal captures us with artworks that all of us can relate to. Like that time in your childhood when you would hang out with your buddies and explore the neighborhood… or that time when it was really snowy/rainy when you would sit by the window and think about life.

The beauty of Pascal’s work is it’s really relatable.  It brings a sense of a kind of nostalgia. These are some fine examples of art with a sentiment.

For more of these, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART

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