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February 8, 2017

The Artist and Super Computer, George Widener.

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George Widener is an extraordinary artist. Widener is autistic with savant syndrome. He has demonstrated phenomenal abilities with regards to numerical computation, far beyond what is to be considered normal.

At age 18, George Widener joined the army intelligence, based in West Germany, using his pattern recognition skills to analyse photos from the Stasi and the KGB. Later he attempted to study engineering but was unable to cope as he was overwhelmed by historical dates. Semi-professional gambling would be his next occupation, winning him thousands of dollars from casinos. However, it was not until he was exposed to the art world that he found true fulfilment.

Widener is an extremely accurate super-computer. He obsessively analyses historical events, particularly catastrophes. Widener then interprets his idea of the structure of the world through large-scale calendars, mazes and diagrams. In finding patterns in historical events, he attempts to predict future happenings.

Apart from being a fascinating human, his work is incredibly aesthetic. The intriguing hand drawn figures, diagrams and typography come together to form beautiful art pieces and have caught the attention of the critics. George Widener is currently exhibiting his work at the exhibition Save the World at Art et Marges in Brussels.




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February 3, 2017


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Alexandra Zutto is an illustrator, print and character designer from Russia. Zutto creates outrageous worlds filled with vivid colours, fantastical shapes and beautiful characters. He invites his viewers into an energetic, playful phantasmagoria. We love Zutto!

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February 2, 2017

Minimalist Album Covers

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Can you guess the album cover?

This is a series of minimalist posters created by the designer Nicholas Barclay. Known for his distinctive style, Barclay deconstructed iconic album covers into simple colours and shapes. Barclay is the master minimalist design. We think these album covers are beautiful and rather nifty, don’t you?


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January 16, 2017

Nice Tips: Hand-Lettering For Beginners

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Keen to learn a new skill this year?


Hand-lettering is making a comeback and gaining popularity, just check out the sheer volume of hand-lettering projects that could be found on the internet. However, the art and process behind it can be daunting for beginners.

Writer at website Creative Live, Emily Potts, enlists the help of two lettering experts Annica Lydenberg and Roxy Prima to share some tips on how you can navigate the colourful and creative design technique, before eventually finding your personal lettering style.

Tips include getting to know the range of pens, pencils and paper you can experiment with, along with recommendations on what has worked well for the experts. Warm up sketching exercises are also crucial in “help(ing) you with balance and kerning in your future hand lettering pieces,” according to Prima.

1.Choose Your Pens & Pencils
2. Choose Your Paper
3. Do Some Warm Up Exercises
4. Start Lettering!
5. Produce a Finished Piece

Check out the full list here

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December 13, 2016

An Immersive World of Visual Storytelling and Puzzle Solving in ‘Samorost 3’

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Prague-based Amanita Design, creators of the award-winning Mechinarium, recently released what may be their best game yet: Samorost 3. This deeply immersive puzzle game spans the ecosystems of 9 unusual planets as you encounter strange inhabitants and unlock increasingly complex secrets to advance to the next level. Amanita Design’s approach to creating completely non-verbal/non-textual games relies heavily on intuition, sound design, and symbolism to create environments that are practically interactive artworks. Samorost 3 is a long-awaited sequel in a series of first released in 2003 and 2005.

The music and sound design specifically are fantastic, and Amita provides all kinds of behind-the-scenes videos showing how they developed the quirky voices for each character and composed the accompanying soundtrack. I’ve only been playing for about two hours or so, but this game is truly wonderful. You can get it from the Apple App Store or download it from their website for your desktops.

nologo samorost-3-2 samorost-3-bear samorost-3-home samorost-3-mushrooms-2 samorost-3-newts samorost-3-red-cave samorost-3-space-turtle samorost-3-tea-tent samorost-3-vents

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November 22, 2016

Whimsicle forrest flip books

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Books have evolved consistently over time. First, it was your standard paperback, then we had pop-up books, and more recently, the shift to e-books and tablet reading.

That shift is understandable given the digitisation of society. It’s an innovation that we all saw coming, but interactive books the size of humans – that’s a whole other story.

But, that story has now come to life courtesy of London-based Mobile Studio Architects.

The architect studio recently collaborated with students at a US summer camp to create some truly magical oversized flip-books that depict fictional forest tales.

The oversized books are electromechanical display devices, which are electronic devices that visualise alphanumerical text and fixed graphics. These particular books use split-flip display technology that is utilised in airports and train stations to show departure times.

Each installation contains a total of 50 drawings which were designed by the students themselves. “With more than 500 still images traced and colours painstakingly applied by hand, the campers brought to life five animations of avian behaviour inspired by the incredible forest setting,” Mobile Studio Architects said.

With several of the interactive machines hidden throughout the forest, users are encouraged to explore their surroundings through prompted stimuli. It’s kind of like Dora the Explorer on steroids, without swiper swiping everything.

The pages of the books are protected within rectangular metal frames and are fitted with rotating mechanisms powered by handles on the side.

While all of this is cool, it quite literally pales in comparison to perhaps the most awesome aspect of this design. All frames are constructed with built-in LED lights, which means the giant flipbooks can be used at night.


giant-flip-books-in-the-forest-create-whimsical-scenes-at-night1-1 giant-flip-books-in-the-forest-create-whimsical-scenes-at-night2-4 giant-flip-books-in-the-forest-create-whimsical-scenes-at-night3-1

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November 21, 2016

Le Bleury – 4e année

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Elizabeth Laferrière – Art Director and graphic designer working freelance, she creates still and moving images that encompass her poetic, sensitive and spontaneous vision. She plays around with typography, collage, and video, and aspires to move towards set design where she can develop a more comprehensive approach.

We just love her poster series for a bar in Canada – To present their 4th year’s bookings, the bar wanted to share dreamlike images. Here are some portraits where music resides, transforms the minds to the rhythm of its undulations.

Scroll down for a selection of the posters or check out her Behance for more inspiring work








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November 7, 2016

100 Days of Form and Colour

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Designer Seth Nickerson took on the 100-day project challenge and the result is amazing. For 100days straight, he designed an abstract composition and shared on his Instagram what he calls 100 Days of Form and Colour.

Seth is a graphic design, art director, and illustrator in Charlottesville, Virginia. On the project, Seth stated that: “Just a daily exercise in form and color. And this is the first. From here on out they might be geometric or organic, but no pictures, no type, no nothing except shapes. And, fair warning, I’m going to post each of them here. They will most likely be sloppy, rushed, and uninspired, and I might regret this by next week. But I’m giving it a shot. Come along for the ride. Or don’t. I won’t be offended if you unfollow. Here goes nothing.”

For more visit Seth Nickerson Instagram @sethnick and his website








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October 24, 2016

Jordan Bolton’s iPosters

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Manchester-based artist Jordan Bolton creates striking photographic posters inspired by film and music, using only his iPhone. Jordan states that: “The original plan was to use famous lyrics in the artworks but after it turned out to be too expensive to license the words I decided to do the artworks as though they were alternative posters for actual gigs played by influential Manchester bands at influential Manchester venues.”

Jordan describes his style as: Detailed. Colourful. Organised.

Prints are available in A2 and A3 from and Amazon.

Scroll down for a selection of his posters or you can also follow Jordan on Facebook and tumblr









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