The Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup

The Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup is an occasion bound to have you on the edge of your seat. Saddle up, reign your anticipation in and prepare for one of the grandest events of the year. Be sure to race book your tickets before they are sold out, for the cheering, dirt, food, fashion, racing and music promises a winning summer experience.


Nicework is proud to be the creative partner for the Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup. Looking for a thoroughbred campaign like this?

great brands are communicated, not designed

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CreativeMornings – Shock


This month’s theme, Shock, was sharply illustrated  by Yeji Yun, showing sheer success in shameless typography. Our partner shout-out this month goes to none other than the show stopping Shutterstock. Be sure not to miss this talk, Joburg, for we have a speaker bound to knock your socks off, leaving shivers down your spine! Who is he? Find out here.

Need to add a shockingly amazing message to your brand?

great brands are communicated, not designed

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Creative mornings Johannesburg has a heart the size of our city. We have passion for face-to-face connections, a variety of perspectives and humans that inspire other humans. The bigger picture matters, and we want to inspire you to chase the things that matter to your bigger picture.

And so, our next theme is revealed : Empathy.

Let’s shed some love on our event partner Shutterstock , the Phoenix chapter  who selected our theme this month and Scott Biersack for this month’s beautiful illustration.  Shutterstock.

great brands are communicated, not designed

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Creative Mornings: Action

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.18.53 PM

This August holds an action packed talk for all you absolutely amazing authentic attendees. Thank you FreshBooks and  Jose Berrio for this awesome illustration. Need to get inspired, meet the mentor of your dreams or simply mingle, munch some delicious Vovo Telo and sip on some delightful Doubleshot Coffee? Wash that all down with Luna water and you are guaranteed to have an action filled month.

Stay tuned for more information on this talk, happening on 28th of August. Our speaker will be revealed soon – so watch this space. Here is a tiny hint : the speaker is an iconic male, who happens to be a closet Afrikaaner Rocker.

great brands are communicated, not designed

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UK/Mexico 2015 Logotype – by Alphabetical

The year long UK/Mexico 2015 festival is the biggest ever cross cultural celebration between Mexico and the UK, hosting a high-profile cultural, academic and trade projects taking place across both nations.

Alphabetical, skilfully created an identity infused with flavours from both countries. The bespoke typeface emerged from uniting a British inspired san serif typeface with a custom Mexican design based on traditional Mayan patterns – which gave birth to a distinctive and flexible tool to use across all the festival’s collateral.







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Creative Mornings : Garth Walker

Garth started out in the mid 1970s in the era of bell-bottoms, layout pads, Magic Markers and Letraset. In 1994 he went solo opening Orange Juice Design, later acquired by Ogilvy South Africa. In 2007 he founded Mister Walker. 

Mister Walker works on big and small design related projects for a wide range of corporate and public clients.

Garth’s personal interest lies is in “what makes me African – and what does that look like?” Since 1995 he has self-published 30 issues of the experimental graphics magazine ijusi, in collaboration with like-minded designers, writers and photographers.

When not designing, Garth is equally obsessed with photography, red wine, cycling, old 911 Porsches and how an old fart designer can continue to pay the school fees for his three young daughters…


Tickets open on the 27th of July at 7am, get them while they’re hot. The talk is on the 31st of July. We are being hosted by The Forum, Turbine Hall. Coffee by Doubleshot, breakfast by Vovo Telo, water by Luna and love and support by Nicework.

Feeling lucky in July? We will be giving out a few copies of ijusi this month, specially arranged to display our affection for you precious Creative Morning attendees.

Inspired by Branding? Take a further look, here:
great brands are communicated, not designed

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Connected Worlds

Connected Worlds, by interactive design studio Design I/O, is a gigantic installation that trades esoteric terminology for a sea of pixels. Installed at the New York Hall of Science, the room-sized exhibit revolves around a 48-foot digital waterfall that “pours” onto the floor. Kids can aim the resulting streams by damming around the space with logs. And ultimately, the water will flow to one of various environments that live on the walls—from deserts to jungle—where it will allow children to grow plant life and interact with animals. There’s something to be said for its sheer power of scale. Whereas most digital experiences span a four-inch screen, or at max a small living room of flailing around with the Wii, Connected Worlds is over 5,000 square feet of interactive projections.

“Normally our ideas are limited by the physical dimensions of the space we have to work with,” explains Partner Theodore Watson. “But the Great Hall is so big—80 ft tall and over 110 ft long—that we knew we could make something really wild and at the limit of what is possible in this field,”

“These interactions are not immediate though as the water takes time to travel across the floor, so it can be quite a puzzle for the children to get the water routing in a way that it can feed several of the environments on the wall,” Watson says. “When we were installing with just three of us we got really tired running around trying to get water to different parts of the installation, it actually works much better when there are 20-30 kids to manage the water.”

In this sense, the actual mechanics of game become a metaphor for our environment: It’s too big of a project for anyone to protect alone.

Exhibits at the Hall of Science.   Photo by David Handschuh
Exhibits at the Hall of Science. Photo by David Handschuh
Exhibits at the Hall of Science.   Photo by David Handschuh
Exhibits at the Hall of Science. Photo by David Handschuh
Exhibits at the Hall of Science.   Photo by David Handschuh
Exhibits at the Hall of Science. Photo by David Handschuh


Connected Worlds from Design I/O on Vimeo.


“Environmental impact.” It’s one of those terms that you’ve heard so often that it’s grown more or less meaningless. Yet the cause and effect relationships between what we do, and how it affects our environment, are extremely important.

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Creative Mornings : Trinity Session


Given the The Trinity Session’s extensive practice of public art curation and implementation, an archive of particular knowledge and experience develops in parallel to the commissioning process. Much of this information is not always present in the final permanent outcomes they manage. Hence their collaborative artistic practice as Hobbs/Neustetter serves to record and translate in other forms, this engagement with place making and the ephemeral nature of social enquiries and user experience.


The act of being present, and following the progression of a work of art coming into being in public space is for Hobbs/Neustetter a complex and political condition, where one is literally exposed to myriad forces and opinions. A temporary action on the other hand, while no less complex or political unfolds with a different sense of time in relation to development and production, and will often display more social dexterity in relation to audience and site.

Hence, photography, video, mapping and participatory processes are the principal tools to plan, present and record such interventions. And the works presented here, through their exploration of xenophobia, forced migration and urban degeneration, are an attempt at employing these tools towards a symbolic translation of radical changes in society.

Tickets open on the 22nd of June at 7am, early birds get the tickets.

We have been known to have surprises up our sleeves, so the right place to be on Friday, 26 June is at Creative mornings with a Doubleshot coffee in one hand, a Vovo Telo pastry in the other, a bottle of Luna water to wash it all down, and the charming Nicework team to keep you company.

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Creative Mornings : Revolution


This month we are shaking in our boots in anticipation as we await the talk built around the topic of Revolution: presented by MailChimp and illustrated by Mark Weaver.

If you were to overthrow a social order in favour of a new system, have you ever thought what would that system might be? Join in, as we prepare for what is about to be handed to us this month, in pure revolutionary spirit.

Stay tuned for more information on this talk, happening on 26 June. In the meantime, click on this little something from Shutterstock, one of the official sponsors of Creative Mornings.


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Behance Portfolio Review Johannesburg

Twice a year, Behance presents Portfolio Review Week. These events form part of a global network of volunteer-organised reviews taking place in over 120 countries, aimed at bringing creatives together and sharing ideas.

Join us for the the Behance Portfolio Review Johannesburg, brought to you by the UJ Department of Graphic Design, in partnership with Nicework and Between10and5.

The event takes place on 12 May at 18:00 at the UJ FADA Gallery. RSVP on Facebook is essential.

Bring your portfolio or best work in hard copy or on a tablet or computer (there will be wi-fi) and have it reviewed by industry professionals. There will be networking opportunities, prizes from Adobe Creative Cloud and Behance, and beer!

Behance Review Poster

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