Nice Tips: 5 Photoshop Tricks You (Probably) Don’t Know

The Photoshop Training Channel published this great 9-minute video with 5 useful Photoshop tricks that the majority of casual Photoshop users probably have never learned before.

Here’s a quick overview of the different tricks and techniques shared in the video

#1: Advanced blending options














Uncheck “Transparency Shapes Layer” in the Layer Styles panel to make pixels blend differently when using blending options.

#2: Precise lens flare














You can bring up a special “Precise Flare Center” box to add a lens flare to exact coordinates in your photo.

#3: High contrast clouds












Instead of the usual clouds layer, you get when you render clouds, you can render high contrast clouds.

#4: Black and white for colour control













You can use a black and white layer to control the luminosity of specific colours in your photo.

#5: One image in two windows












You can have the same photo open in two windows that are side-by-side, with one view zoomed in and one view zoomed out.


Watch the video for details on how to use them and for examples of what they do



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Nice Tips: Top Mac shortcuts

We’re always looking for simple ways to improve our lives – this video shows some excellent time-saving Mac keyboard shortcuts

For instance, pressing your volume button increases or decreases the volume by six percent. However, by pressing “option + shift + volume up”, you can finely tune the audio volume as it moves 1.5 percent instead. This also works for the brightness key.
The video also shows you quick shortcuts to taking screenshots, how to “force quit” an application and how to quickly store a group of files in a new folder.

Watch the full video here to find out more.



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Nice Tips: Valuable skills every designer should learn

The new year is a great time to step up your design skills.  There so many tools and skills that you need to master, and missing out on any of them would also mean missing out on a lot of huge opportunities.

So if you’re ready to take your career in design a step further, grab your clipboard and start making a checklist containing these essential skills that you should learn:

  1. HTML and CSS
  2. Typography
  3. Colour Theory
  4. Print Design
  5. Photography
  6. Design Software
  7. Networking
  8. Marketing and Social Media
  9. Copywriting
  10. Creativity

Check out the full list here

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Nice Tips: Hand-Lettering For Beginners

Keen to learn a new skill this year?


Hand-lettering is making a comeback and gaining popularity, just check out the sheer volume of hand-lettering projects that could be found on the internet. However, the art and process behind it can be daunting for beginners.

Writer at website Creative Live, Emily Potts, enlists the help of two lettering experts Annica Lydenberg and Roxy Prima to share some tips on how you can navigate the colourful and creative design technique, before eventually finding your personal lettering style.

Tips include getting to know the range of pens, pencils and paper you can experiment with, along with recommendations on what has worked well for the experts. Warm up sketching exercises are also crucial in “help(ing) you with balance and kerning in your future hand lettering pieces,” according to Prima.

1.Choose Your Pens & Pencils
2. Choose Your Paper
3. Do Some Warm Up Exercises
4. Start Lettering!
5. Produce a Finished Piece

Check out the full list here

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