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February 6, 2017

Inspire, Awaken, Relax, & Slumber

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Inspire, Awaken, Relax, and Slumber. The four different cannabis (Yes, you read correctly) nectars will allow you to focus or unwind, depending on what you need. John McNeil Studio designed AYA, a high-end cannabis option that is chemical and pesticide free.

“As the market for medical marijuana continues to grow and California prepares for the possible recreational legalisation of marijuana this November, the Sonoma Cannabis Company—together with its marketing partner, John McNeil Studio—launched a premium cannabis product, AYA, positioned in the top tier of cannabis brands.”

AYA features lovely, dreamy packaging, with a galaxy of stars in the sky and a coordinating vibrant colour for each. An animal rests on the front, the characteristics of which can indicate the purpose of the cannabis. It also creates a sense of feeling more in touch with nature and the earth. A background pattern keeps things lively, and all of the illustrations are done with meticulous detail—indicating the high quality of AYA.

Scroll down for a selection of the packaging

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February 2, 2017

Minimalist Album Covers

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Can you guess the album cover?

This is a series of minimalist posters created by the designer Nicholas Barclay. Known for his distinctive style, Barclay deconstructed iconic album covers into simple colours and shapes. Barclay is the master minimalist design. We think these album covers are beautiful and rather nifty, don’t you?


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October 11, 2016

Lost Inhibitions Wine

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Church & State lets their wines speak for themselves, even if they’re a bit mouthy. Their vineyards demand to be heard, and in the cellar, the wine has free reign. The result is a collection of refreshingly honest expressions, boldly emblazoned across a series of 150+ labels…and counting. These bold and fresh design were created by Brand Ever.

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy these designs. Head here for more from Brand Ever










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September 2, 2016

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise is an ironic activity book by Lukas Zabek for adolescents and persons who are planning to work or study in the design industry, but still aren‘t fully aware of the final direction of their future career. Counseling interviews, brochures and also professional design literature can be overwhelming and confusing and often aren’t of any great help. This is where the Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise book intervenes by supporting the reader in an entertaining but also educating way.

The reader has to help the character of Jeff, a friendly but unemployed bear and furthermore a self proclaimed designer, graffiti and tattoo artist through different graphic design related adventures. These tasks contain information and questions about amateur design, shape, colour, typography, layout and branding. Once the reader manages to answer the questions and also to finish a chapter, he will receive a giveaway as a reward and for further motivation. Two-coloured Risograph printing.







47747514064537.56306d9cbe1d8 (1)










great brands are communicated, not designed

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August 18, 2016

BlackBay Brewery & CO

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A new favourite designer of ours is Carlos de Toro. We fell in love with his 3D Experimental Type project and he is back with more beautiful design.

Introducing BlackBay Brewery & CO

BlackBay Brewery & CO is a new craft beer company based in Byron Bay (Australia), led by Liam Brooks and David O’neil. BlackBay’s aim is to export Australian beer (of course), but also Australian culture, values and spirit as a referent abroad, so their beers are based and inspired by the things they value the most: their land legacy, the hot Australian barley fields and the sea (they became friends thanks to surf before starting this project). Sweet Ale, Summer Ale and Pacific Ale are really limited edition beers: each bottle is a little treasure that will be enjoyed by customers so the design makes each bottle literally unique and numbered in the front. Risography printed.

Check out the project below and see more of Carlos’ work here







BlackBay-Beer-5cc (1)








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July 6, 2016

Estudio Javier Jaén

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Javier Jaén is a designer and illustrator from Barcelona. He studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Barcelona, New York and Budapest.

He has worked for The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Time, Harvard University, National Geographic, El País and Penguin Random House, just to name a few. His work has been recognised by AGI Membership (2015), the Society of Illustrators (Illustrators 55, 56),American Illustration (AI33, AI34) Print magazine (New Visual Artist 2013), Junceda Award (2013), and the Gràffica Award (2010). He has also participated in exhibitions in New York, London, El Salvador, Tallinn, Rome and Barcelona.

Jaén uses political, social and cultural commentary in his personal work. Find out more about him here. 



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June 20, 2016

Rawganique – Raw, organic, unique packaging

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Peltan-Brosz Roland is a designer from Hungary who was commissioned to design an identity, as well as packaging for Rawganique. Rawganique describe themselves as “Pure clothes. Pure bed. Pure bath. Pure footwear. Made in-house for folks who would settle for nothing less than true purity and environmental sustainability.”

The challenge for Peltan was designing a look that captured the essence of Rawganique. Peltan explains his design thinking and process: “We thought of using something personal like handwriting. In handwriting we saw the presence of the personal touch to each product, it gives the impression of a custom made material, it breaks away from commerce and conventional and it is modern. So we devised a custom typeface for Rawganique, that due to modern printing technique we could create more versions of written words on labels.”

Scroll down for a look at the branding and head over here for more work from Peltan













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May 27, 2016

Tricolores laces

Cossette agency designed a pair of skate laces for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation that can be worn with pride. Pride for the players, the HABS and the cause. Quebecers physically and metaphorically tie themselves to the cause.

This is the first series of 5 limited edition, collectible & uniquely different hockey skate laces. Each lace expresses a value that is important to the foundation, their mission and the children, values endorsed and embodied by each Canadiens player. 5 values, 5 players, 5 laces. It signifies the start of a long-term tie to this cause.


c6b4e219936293.5635357fab407 (1)

















great brands are communicated, not designed

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May 20, 2016

Paintkillers Tattoo Club

Paintkillers tattoo club (PTC) was formally started in 2011 and received it’s official status in 2014. Now the tattoo club consolidates 2 studios in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg with a plan to grow further. It is a place where the people with the same interests meet and may get new experience and knowledge about tattoo art. It’s a place you could make new friends and share stories and methods.

The design approach was to present PTC like a club for real men, who rated tattoo art very high. The brand image is courageous, strong and powered with inks. Old typography style is used in the design of the logo to communicate the idea of the club, the logo is complemented with a monogram, symbol of the people union. Black colour, textured paper with laser engraving, sharp needles and ink stains is all about Paintkillers Tattoo Club. The website style captures the atmosphere of a real tattoo studio with, black-and-white high contrast photos creating the image for tattoo lovers. You may explore all tattoos or watch them sort by artists. Profiles of artists allow you to understand which of them is better for you personally.













great brands are communicated, not designed

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