Sticks & Stones

To This Day is an animation based on the poem by Shane Koyczan’s spoken word poem of the same title. It is a poem about childhood bullying. The animation contains a 20 second animation collaboration from 87 different animators. It is absolutely stunning and it addresses many of the traumas that occur during childhood. It concludes by deeming the strength of the victim as beauty. The design is elegant complimented with an extremely well written piece of poetry; I tear up every time I watch it.

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In the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, Hillary Clinton recruited 45 designers around the country to create campaign buttons, and AIGA member designers have created a range of free downloadable posters encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote. Design can’t save the election and political Pins Won’t Save the World, but that hasn’t stopped New York City–based Sagmeister & Walsh from producing an eleventh-hour series of pins, stickers, bumper stickers, patches, temporary tattoos, T-shirts, and posters designed to encourage millennials vote.
Designers Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister collaborated with 15 illustrators and artists to create 50 irreverent visuals that “protest Trump,” “encourage people to register” and “vote for Hillary,” and “promote love, tolerance, and kindness,” Walsh said in a statement, adding that while “most political merchandise is ugly and unfashionable,” they set out to create “fun items that people might actually wear” or share on social media.
“We are well aware that pins won’t save the world,” Walsh said, “but wearing them will at least make us feel a little better. And we think convincing our like-minded liberal friends (especially in swing states) to remember to register and vote for Hillary could make a world of difference.”
You can check out the entire collection of election-themed merchandise at Pins Won’t Change the World.
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Lourens, the Picture-Taker.

Lourens Smit is a self-taught photographer from Pretoria. He carries his camera around his neck wherever he goes. Lourens has a keen interest in the spirit of the South African youth. There is a beautiful sincerity in the moments he captures.

Check out more of this talented human’s work on Instagram. 

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CreativeMornings: FAKA on Broken



Introducing our June CreativeMornings speaker: FAKA – a local art duo working through performance art, as an archival project documenting the experiences of young black queer creatives locally. FAKA is a cultural movement established by best friends Thato Ramaisa and Buyani Duma (who go by the stage names Fela Gucci and Desire Marea). Thato describes himself as a young queer man from Katlehong. He is exploring his limitless identity through photography, performance art, and documentation. Fela Gucci is the “character” through which he narrates these expressions. Desire Marea (Buyani) describes himself as a ‘post-gospel philosopher’ who  in the process uses his body as a way to confront contradicting truths. Through performance, he seeks to conceive a different, more inclusive reality.



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The duo state that FAKA is “partially an archival project documenting young black queer creatives who we think, from our experience, does not relish in the exposure and recognition they deserve for being visible as who they believe themselves to be during these times.”

FAKA use performance as a medium to manifest the realities that they desire for the black queer South African. They believe in telling the truth and the stories of the people who share similar life experiences, in spaces where there is a lack of a wider representation of this kind of narrative and existence.

Catch FAKA at CreativeMornings this month discussing our global theme, Broken.

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Jaco Haasbroek is a designer and illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa.  Haasbroek’s work will forever turn your frown upside down and his most recent venture is no different. Too often, the headlines we read on news posters are shocking and disturbing, Haasbroek feels the same and has recently created a series of posters that will definitely brighten up your day.
The Good News is an ongoing series of fictional, generally positive headlines that he posts on lamp posts all around Cape Town and we love them.  Follow this amazing project on Instagram here.
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Think Press

Poynings-based printers Generation Press, have a simple numerical approach in their design for all the services they provide. Their branding has a nice balance between the bold and simple, which allows for the services they offer to shine. This is referenced on all outward facing communications from their website to social media.
























For great communicated brands click the below.

great brands are communicated, not designed


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Artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s Daily Miniature Photo Project


Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka has a fascination with all things tiny and has an uncanny ability to repurpose everyday objects as set pieces or tools for the inhabitants of his miniature world. For his project Miniature Calendar, Tanaka has been stretching his imagination to its limits nearly every day for the last four years. A tape dispenser becomes the bar for a restaurant, a circuit board is suddenly a rice paddy field, and the notes of a musical score become the hurdles for a track race. Individually, the photos might invoke a smile or chuckle as you get the joke, but when viewed collectively they morph into a fascinating study on Tanaka’s breadth of creativity.

New photos from Miniature Calendar are published every day on Instagram and Facebook. Tanaka also published a book of earlier miniature photos in a book titled Miniature Life. (via Spoon & Tamago)

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We appreciate the small things in life. If you have a detailed message to communicate to your audience, follow this link and we’ll show you how.

great brands are communicated, not designed

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Creative mornings Johannesburg has a heart the size of our city. We have passion for face-to-face connections, a variety of perspectives and humans that inspire other humans. The bigger picture matters, and we want to inspire you to chase the things that matter to your bigger picture.

And so, our next theme is revealed : Empathy.

Let’s shed some love on our event partner Shutterstock , the Phoenix chapter  who selected our theme this month and Scott Biersack for this month’s beautiful illustration.  Shutterstock.

great brands are communicated, not designed

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Creative Mornings: Action

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.18.53 PM

This August holds an action packed talk for all you absolutely amazing authentic attendees. Thank you FreshBooks and  Jose Berrio for this awesome illustration. Need to get inspired, meet the mentor of your dreams or simply mingle, munch some delicious Vovo Telo and sip on some delightful Doubleshot Coffee? Wash that all down with Luna water and you are guaranteed to have an action filled month.

Stay tuned for more information on this talk, happening on 28th of August. Our speaker will be revealed soon – so watch this space. Here is a tiny hint : the speaker is an iconic male, who happens to be a closet Afrikaaner Rocker.

great brands are communicated, not designed

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A Foxy Tale

Mondays have the tendancy to throw many of us curve balls or waves of procrastination, as we metaphorically curl into the fetal position and sway slowly back and forth… A tad dramatic? Maybe.

Anyhow, this Monday I have chosen to introduce you to someone who may very well brighten your day. Meet Quinn the Fox, follow him on his many adventures, and let him lead you in a swift, bouncy, conquering direction for the remainder of the week!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.59.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.58.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.59.37 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.01.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.58.22 PM

Feeling full of foxy fun? Or need to tell a tale through your brand? Then click here:

great brands are communicated, not designed

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