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Have a look at this little piece of insight gathered and written by our handsome intern, Wade Moonsamy:

Graphic Inadequacy: The feeling I get when I comes across a hand crafted logotype or typographic treatment in a two second gif on the Internet. This is a real thing and after trying and crying, I have come to the conclusion that my hands were not made for creating amazingly slick and perfectly crafted hand lettering – just yet!

These are a few designers who are achieving greatness with a few flicks of the wrist.

Neil Secretario is a designer who lives and works in Orange County, California. He is extremely passionate about typography and collaboration.

Trademark brush pen lettering by Neil Secretario Custom Made brush pen lettering by Neil Secretario Cash Rules brush pen tracing draft by Neil Secretario


Andrei Robu is a brand designer who specializes in type lettering. He is the founder of Typeverything, Designers go to heaven and Calligraphica and boasts a client list that includes Coca- Cola, Nike and Nestle.

brooklyn map robu Under Ground Charisma robu-type1


Melvin Leidelmeijer is a Dutch graphic designer and hand letterer. His portfolio is over flowing with brilliantly designed typographic treatments and craftsmanship of the highest level.

You're the Inspiartion tumblr_nc7tspvDvE1roiwcso1_1280 Instagram Brush pen


Jennet Liaw is a 23-year-old designer who resides in Los Angeles. She is a passionate visual artist with a portfolio that consists of beautiful, conceptual and purely considered design solutions. Jennet has an exceptional eye and a skill for producing personal and considered hand lettering artworks.

Hypography Surthrive Someday


If you enjoyed reading this post, have a look at how Nicework approaches Typographic treatments:

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Andrei Robu

I intend to marry this man. After which I shall shove him down a long flight of stairs, assume his identity and make lovely typography for the rest of my days. The end.




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