Inspire, Awaken, Relax, & Slumber

Inspire, Awaken, Relax, and Slumber. The four different cannabis (Yes, you read correctly) nectars will allow you to focus or unwind, depending on what you need. John McNeil Studio designed AYA, a high-end cannabis option that is chemical and pesticide free.

“As the market for medical marijuana continues to grow and California prepares for the possible recreational legalisation of marijuana this November, the Sonoma Cannabis Company—together with its marketing partner, John McNeil Studio—launched a premium cannabis product, AYA, positioned in the top tier of cannabis brands.”

AYA features lovely, dreamy packaging, with a galaxy of stars in the sky and a coordinating vibrant colour for each. An animal rests on the front, the characteristics of which can indicate the purpose of the cannabis. It also creates a sense of feeling more in touch with nature and the earth. A background pattern keeps things lively, and all of the illustrations are done with meticulous detail—indicating the high quality of AYA.

Scroll down for a selection of the packaging

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What IF design…

Studio Bruch is an Austria-based graphic design studio focusing on brand development, editorial design, and packaging design. Their team was recently asked to create a bright and flexible brand system for Infinitive Factory, which can be applied to different media and proportions. Infinitve Factory is a first class letterpress printing house. They are best known for an exceptional quality and the realization of almost any kind of customer-specific requirements. With creative ideas and diverse experiments, they are always eager to push the limits of letterpress printing.

Studio Bruch has decided to create a playful take on the abbreviation ‘IF’. These two letters in combination form the basis of the highly flexible brand identity system. The clear structure is accompanied by a vivid range of illustrations, graphics, and typography to show numerous possibilities of letterpress printing as well as diverse finishing options.

For more from Studio Bruch, please visit their website.












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BlackBay Brewery & CO

A new favourite designer of ours is Carlos de Toro. We fell in love with his 3D Experimental Type project and he is back with more beautiful design.

Introducing BlackBay Brewery & CO

BlackBay Brewery & CO is a new craft beer company based in Byron Bay (Australia), led by Liam Brooks and David O’neil. BlackBay’s aim is to export Australian beer (of course), but also Australian culture, values and spirit as a referent abroad, so their beers are based and inspired by the things they value the most: their land legacy, the hot Australian barley fields and the sea (they became friends thanks to surf before starting this project). Sweet Ale, Summer Ale and Pacific Ale are really limited edition beers: each bottle is a little treasure that will be enjoyed by customers so the design makes each bottle literally unique and numbered in the front. Risography printed.

Check out the project below and see more of Carlos’ work here







BlackBay-Beer-5cc (1)








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The Solar Annual Report

Serviceplan campaign 3 designed Austria Solar 2011 annual report, watch this and be amazed.

chief creative officer: alexander schill
creative director: christoph everke, cosimo möller, alexander nagel
art director: matthäus frost
graphic design: matthäus frost, mathias nösel
copywriter: moritz dornig
account: christina paulus, stefanie zillner
production: melanie dienemann
photographs: michele di dio
printing: mory & meier

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