Inspire, Awaken, Relax, & Slumber

Inspire, Awaken, Relax, and Slumber. The four different cannabis (Yes, you read correctly) nectars will allow you to focus or unwind, depending on what you need. John McNeil Studio designed AYA, a high-end cannabis option that is chemical and pesticide free.

“As the market for medical marijuana continues to grow and California prepares for the possible recreational legalisation of marijuana this November, the Sonoma Cannabis Company—together with its marketing partner, John McNeil Studio—launched a premium cannabis product, AYA, positioned in the top tier of cannabis brands.”

AYA features lovely, dreamy packaging, with a galaxy of stars in the sky and a coordinating vibrant colour for each. An animal rests on the front, the characteristics of which can indicate the purpose of the cannabis. It also creates a sense of feeling more in touch with nature and the earth. A background pattern keeps things lively, and all of the illustrations are done with meticulous detail—indicating the high quality of AYA.

Scroll down for a selection of the packaging

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Lost Inhibitions Wine

Church & State lets their wines speak for themselves, even if they’re a bit mouthy. Their vineyards demand to be heard, and in the cellar, the wine has free reign. The result is a collection of refreshingly honest expressions, boldly emblazoned across a series of 150+ labels…and counting. These bold and fresh design were created by Brand Ever.

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy these designs. Head here for more from Brand Ever










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Rawganique – Raw, organic, unique packaging

Peltan-Brosz Roland is a designer from Hungary who was commissioned to design an identity, as well as packaging for Rawganique. Rawganique describe themselves as “Pure clothes. Pure bed. Pure bath. Pure footwear. Made in-house for folks who would settle for nothing less than true purity and environmental sustainability.”

The challenge for Peltan was designing a look that captured the essence of Rawganique. Peltan explains his design thinking and process: “We thought of using something personal like handwriting. In handwriting we saw the presence of the personal touch to each product, it gives the impression of a custom made material, it breaks away from commerce and conventional and it is modern. So we devised a custom typeface for Rawganique, that due to modern printing technique we could create more versions of written words on labels.”

Scroll down for a look at the branding and head over here for more work from Peltan













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The Value of Line.

Anton Burmistrov is a graphic designer raised in a country that no longer exists. He attended the Tallinn School of Art then graduated from the University of Greenwich. He has worked as a designer at London agencies such as Hey Human, Brave and Leo Burnett across a variety of work in print, TV, digital and social. Currently works in his own home-studio and freelancing. He has worked with clients such as Red Bull, P&G, Mercedes-Benz, Absolut Vodka, Vitamin Water, Panasonic and more.

Anton really understands the value of line. The balance of bold and hairline weights results in a beautiful visual harmony.

Today, we are looking at a project called Feest Noel. “Feest Noel is a Belgian-style quadrupel with Christmas spice, a merriment in a glass- a spiced Christmas ale meant to evoke joy and mystery. I was asked to design a beer label for this delicious holiday season beer. Label was supposed to represent old-style typography and detailed filigree and flourishes. Classic!”

feest-noel_03 feest-noel_06 feest-noel_05 feest-noel_01 9

Interested in some beautifully harmonious branding?  Follow this link to see how we compose beautiful brands.
great brands are communicated, not designed

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Badaboom bada bang

Badaboom is a clothing range made from bamboo. The idea of the clothing is that it is 100% biodegradable, the fabric is soft and it helps fight of unwanted odours. The brand of this company is simple and clean, yet striking. The logo reminds one of bamboo rods itself, which is a good solution. When you struggle with the design of a logo, it is often because you think so hard and complex, that you miss an obvious good solution. Further the brand can be recognised by the soft colours used and the excellent idea of packaging the garments in bamboo tubes.






































Looking for grand band solutions? Follow this link and contact us.
great brands are communicated, not designed

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LA NOTE Parfum papier tigre

La Note is packaging design created for an original and quirky perfume range. This design challenges the normality often associated with packaging design by introducing unique geometric shapes and an interesting use of colour.
Stationery company Paper Tigre has used recycled paper, origami influenced design throughout the packaging design evidently illustrating an exclusive aesthetic perfume range.











Geometric design encapsulates most design. It’s definitely the way to go!

great brands are communicated, not designed

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The iconic green bottle with a twist

Heineken disclosed a global campaign, ‘Cities of the World’, that through new adventures it was aimed to inspire men to live worldly and discover the secrets of their cities. More specifically, the beer campaign invited five designers to create unique and limited edition bottles for five popular clubs in Budapest, Hungry. Kiss Miklós, a designer and visual artist, designed this bottle for Trafiq club that was presented at the Budapest Design Week along with the other four designs. Miklós’s work can be found on Behance.

28e9f030292961.561ca2951d98e79ef4a30292961.561ca295266cd760fe330292961.561ca295252a6 33d27b30292961.561ca29522ff9f86cb330292961.561ca29523f1d    2c4a4130292961.561ca29521e7b

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Gbox Studio Packaging

GBOX Studios describe themselves as a “offering the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production to clients, their services include advertising, products, automotive, portraits, beauty, editorial photography and video production. “

And with that amount of services and offerings, one would expect nothing but the best when it comes to their own branding. On that, they deliver. With a strong and bold visual identity that is rolled out masterfully across multiple platforms, they truly establish themselves as a design force to be reckoned with.

Truly great work by the talents of Bratus and JIMMI TUAN.

Logo-design-gbox web-mobile-responsive-mobile web-responsive-tablet web-typography-photography-web1 poster-design-typographyinvoice-design-gbox brochure-design-portfolio brochure-cover-book-binding2 embosser-stamp-bratus1 post-card-origami-stampstationary-design-corporation-identity cd-packaging-design-origami-bratus1 DVD-packaging-stop-motion-bratus

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