Newspaper Animal Sculpture

Japanese paper artist Chie Hitotsuyama skilfully creates textured sculptures of animals using a technique involving rolled strips of wet newspaper. The unique application of each newspaper segment proves to be an eeffective method of forming the wild fur of snow monkeys or the density of scales found on the back of an iguana. For Hitotsuyama, these details are critical as she seeks to create the most lifelike sculptures possible.

Posted by: Mei-hua Lee








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Books are the best escape

Canadian artist Guy Laramée transforms thick stacks of vintage books into beautiful models of snow-capped mountains and valleys, depicting the “erosion of culture”. A recurring theme in all his works is how our modern society is replacing print in favor of digital systems.

Each sculpture in his latest series, titled Desert of Unknowing, is created from sandblasted mounds of paper that form the foundations of the earth. The works are masterfully carved and hand-painted to realistically resemble imaginary mountainous regions covered in snow.

Laramée’s previous works include his transformation of old encyclopedias and dictionaries into breathtaking models of stunning green landscapes and ancient ruins.

Take a look at some of his works in this series below and view his portfolio here.







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What IF design…

Studio Bruch is an Austria-based graphic design studio focusing on brand development, editorial design, and packaging design. Their team was recently asked to create a bright and flexible brand system for Infinitive Factory, which can be applied to different media and proportions. Infinitve Factory is a first class letterpress printing house. They are best known for an exceptional quality and the realization of almost any kind of customer-specific requirements. With creative ideas and diverse experiments, they are always eager to push the limits of letterpress printing.

Studio Bruch has decided to create a playful take on the abbreviation ‘IF’. These two letters in combination form the basis of the highly flexible brand identity system. The clear structure is accompanied by a vivid range of illustrations, graphics, and typography to show numerous possibilities of letterpress printing as well as diverse finishing options.

For more from Studio Bruch, please visit their website.












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Cheeky Typographic Art

Lisa Maltby, a designer based in Sheffield, has been working in the creative industry for over 10 years. Understanding  she has received her fair share of criticism from both acquaintances and other creative professionals.

Lisa states on her website: “It can be quite a challenge to push your work as a freelance creative when it is subject to so much opinion and scrutiny–it’s often hard not to take comments personally.”

This inspired Lisa to collate these condescending comments and turn them into fun and defiant typographic art.

She uses a variety of mediums to match the different kinds of offensive comments she received over the years, including cross-stitching, hand-drawn illustrations and collages.

Enjoy the resourceful and cheeky artwork below and follow Maltby on Instagram at ‘lisamaltbycreative’.











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All Things Paper

Barcelona-based paper artist Raya Sader Bujana has created a series of sleek paper figures for an Olympic-themed stock photography shoot. These were created in collaboration with photographer Leo García Méndez.
Some of these sports illustrated paper figures are made up of up to 150 pieces of cut paper and joint by 3mm separators to create the different layering effects.

These paper sculptures brilliantly showcase the agility of movements through its curves. Raya explains, “The added texture, light and volume that the technique provides reinforces the fluidity of the pieces”.

Scroll down for a selection of the designs and see more of her work here 






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If fonts were food

Lithuania-based visual communication studio primprim created a series that imagines what types of foods certain fonts would be.

In the series, titled Taste the Font, primprim refer to the font, Times, “as traditional as fried eggs”. Comic Sans as rounded as marshmallows, and other fonts in their various matching foot counterparts.

The exhibit was also completed with a gorgeous paper sculpture replica of the various food items, such as marshmallow on a stick, a cup of coffee, or a traditional English breakfast.

Check out these delicious and delicate designs below

1 (1)

ttf galutinis-gamybai




ttf galutinis-gamybai





ttf galutinis-gamybai





ttf galutinis-gamybai


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The Great Catering Company

The Great Catering Company is a market leader in private and corporate catering. Their branding had to be innovative, contemporary and desirable. These bold and colourful illustrations are the key visual device unique to the brand and complement their brand philosophy “serving amazing anywhere”. The colours are made of food pigments- this lovely branding was done by this company

gcc_01 gcc_03

gcc_04 gcc_010


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Colorful paper creativity

Lavanya Naidoo is a graphic designer currently working in the advertising field. Her style is very diverse and ranges from corporate identities or stationary to cardboard furniture. Her work includes corporate identities, print ads, book or magazine layout and design, illustration, store interiors, furniture design, 3D illustration, quilling, packaging, handbag design and manufacture. View her portfolio on Behance.







Lavanya’s beautiful design for the Vida e Caffe competition.  A quilling piece for a cup sleeve to celebrate vida e’s 10 year anniversary.









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