The wonderful Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland was born in Oranjemund, South West Africa in early 1982. He moved to England with his family at the age of 11 where he spent his early teenage years. At the age of 16 Andrew moved to Cape Town and after finishing school enrolled at The Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock. He obtained his Diploma in Fine Art in 2004 and in 2005 began working as an artist’s assistant for a local abstract artist.

In 2008 Sutherland entered the art scene in Cape Town, having his first group show at Salon 91, followed soon after with a solo show in early 2009.

Andrew enjoys working in a variety of mediums from watercolors, ink and fine liners on paper to acrylic, spray-paint and charcoal on canvas. His work often evokes a narrative, with soft dream like undertones. Running themes include exploration and discovery with a strong interest in nature and the great outdoors.


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Portraits from Africa

Rafael Comino Matas, a Spanish artist, uses one of the most inspiring, unique ways to capture his experiences in Africa –  journaling in the form of a sketchbook.

He captures powerful portraits of people that he meets along the journey.

His striking mix of different materials such as watercolor, pencil, and pen create beautiful effects in his handmade sketchbook. Both the inside and outside of the sketchbook are simplistic and unified. The work contains a strong native vibe, but what stands out the most is the amount of emotion in each of the portraits: the expressive eyes of the people tell a powerful story, and Rafael does a magnificent job sharing it.

Check out a few of the magnificent sketches below















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Roaming the American Wilderness

Willem Van Den Heever is an independent filmmaker, photographer and traveler from Pretoria, South Africa. He began his film-making career in 2011 while still in high school. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Film Arts in 2015 from The Open Window Institute of Film Arts in Centurion, Pretoria. His first film, Coffee (2013), gained international recognition and in April 2014 he was awarded the Best New Talent Award at the 2014 National Film Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle, USA. In January 2015, he was selected as a Sundance Short Film Challenge winner.

In 2016, Willem set foot alone on a daunting journey into the American Wilderness. He landed in New York but spent the majority of his time on the west coast’s mountain passes, predominantly following the Pacific Crest Trail. It was a physically and emotionally challenging journey and it has etched its significance into his life.

‘I think the inspiration and thirst for adventure already came from the Tin Tin comics I read as a kid. Then sometime in high school I read about South African adventurer Riaan Manser and how he circumnavigated the African continent on a bicycle and of course Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild. This was also later fueled by the literature of Jack Kerouac. Throughout the years my fascination for the great American wilderness grew and at the end of 2015 I graduated, got a backpack and in 2016 got on a plane and set off.

I hitched hiked around and hiked about 1000km in the wilderness through mountain passes, mostly following the Pacific Crest Trail. Even though I tried to learn from Christopher McCandless’s mistakes I think I too was still very naïve… I was not prepared for what lied ahead at all and I headed into the Wilderness way too early in the season. At the end I had good times and bad times, including escaping death a few times, but overall it was one hell of an experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The good times were also always so much more rewarding and when the body is ravaged the spirit grows stronger.

During some stretches I would go for days without seeing a soul. It was hard, really hard, physically and emotionally, but I was forced to confront myself about a lot of things I was subconsciously hiding from myself. It was not just the relationship with myself, but my relationship with God that also improved. No I didn’t return with all the answers to the world and it’s problems and I still have a lot of questions myself, but I learned; about myself, the world and humanity. I learned there are still so much good and love in this world and not every second stranger out there is set out to kill or steal from you. I now also know how little I actually know about myself, to what extend the human body can actually go before you really “can’t even” and that Christopher couldn’t have been more right when he said “Happiness is only real when shared.”‘

Here are some exquisite images from his daring venture captured on his 35mm film camera.

You can discover more about Willem here.


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Not all who wander are lost

American born artist Missy H. Dunaway moved to Turkey to study art and textiles all alone. From there, she continued to travel through Europe, Morocco, and other destinations.

Instead of capturing her travel experiences with a camera, Missy carried around her Moleskine notebooks and documented her travels with paintings. Her paintings are filled with dreamy scenes, along with a short caption of the location.

Follow her Instagram account and Tumblr page for more of her work, which will inspire wanderlust.









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Illustrated travel numbers by María Hdez

If you’re planning an adventure around the world, you might want to follow these numbers. María Hdez, a Spanish illustrator and graphic designer, has created a series of illustrated numbers, each one of a different travel destination.

This series shows Hdez’ favorite travel destinations which she has already visited, as well as her design skills. This series will inspire your wanderlust and satisfy your craving for good design.

Scroll down for a selection of the numbers and check out María Hdez portfolio here


0 – NYC (Statue of liberty), New York
0 – NYC (Statue of liberty), New York


1 – La Habana (Morro lighthouse), Cuba
1 – La Habana (Morro lighthouse), Cuba


2 – Copenhagen (Little mermaid), Denmark
2 – Copenhagen (Little mermaid), Denmark


3 – Prague (Astronomical clock), Czech Republic


4 – San Francisco (Golden Gate), California.


5 – Las Vegas (Elvis), Nevada


6 – Venice (gondolier), Italy


For branding that is out of this world, get in touch with Nicework

great brands are communicated, not designed

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CreativeMornings Summit 2014: A Retrospective


A little over a year ago, Nicework was given the go ahead to open the Johannesburg chapter of CreativeMornings. It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride. We’ve had some historical talks, some analog ones, and have even convinced a bunch of people to hang out in a bar in the morning.

Having twisted our rubber arms, Tina and the team from CreativeMornings HQ invited us to a summit in New York. We packed our bags and we were off, armed with our guides-to-Johannesburg that the team at Nicework put together to help our new friends understand why we love our city.

NW makes a JHB guide

Having traveled 12823.253 kilometers and traversed 7 time zones (granted we did spend 2 weeks in France), we arrived in New York, jet lagged and ready for the summit. One train ride into Brooklyn, later we discovered the Invisible Dog and a shiny golden arrow pointing us to all the fun and excitement inside. Ironically, the first time we got to meet  the rest of African contingent from Cape Town was in New York.

The Africans take over NY

The festivities quickly escalated. There was t-shirt printing by Real Thread

Screen printing

…tons of swag…


…and an international delivery of a Makarapa, which we have been told has since become the symbol of “leave me alone, I am wrangling my inbox symbol.”


Day 01

The first morning kicked off early with 175 Attendees, representing 59 cities, 27 countries, and Montreal even brought a dog (we love you Norbert). I always knew that CreativeMornings was driven on people power, but I never expected the sheer amount of love and passion for CreativeMornings at the summit. All of the people I met are professionals in the creative industry, and they all give up their most precious asset to organise CreativeMornings – time. Tina, Sally, Kevin and Carley have done an amazing job of finding incredible people to take the CreativeMornings message across the globe. Fresh off the back of making 30 new friends, eating a bagel or 16 and about 3kgs of cream cheese the summit began. Here is the wonderful introduction video made by Ben Derico.

Tina brought us all to tears with her story of how CreativeMornings came to life. Hosts from LA, Baltimore, Auckland, Berlin, Edmonton, Bogotá, Atlanta, Cape Town, Lima and other cities shared some of their experiences with us. (Lets just say that technical issues are prevalent around the world). We heard from the Vancouver massive, and were even rewarded with micro fibre cloths courtesy of the city. One of my biggest learnings was courtesy of Blake Howard of Atlanta, ALWAYS USE FLAME TRANSITIONS AND EPIC MUSIC. We were blown away by the Flex is Kings dancers and if that was not enough, we were lucky to have some special guests. Sarah Key an amazing poet spoke about a wonderful teacher & I was very glad to be able to see Debbie Millman.

Kick off

Photo by Jérémie Fontana

It was an honour to share the stage and share some of the experiences we have had here in Johannesburg.

A view from above

We finished this first day inside the Empire State building, at the awesome offices of Shutterstock (one of our great global partners).


Day 02

Just to show us how it was done, we attended our very first CreativeMornings/NYC with Steve Powers’ at MoMA. Yes, MoMA.


The summit

Back at the Invisible Dog, the rest of the day was filled with a Q&A with the CreativeMornings Team. As if we had not seen or done enough, we spent the afternoon brainstorming on the future of CreativeMornings, with the help of Fred Dust and his great team from IDEO. We ended the summit with a great party at the Pioneer Works refurbished factory in Red Hook.


Bas Berkhout of Like knows Like made this video on the first day of the summit.

The very first CreativeMornings Summit talent show kicked off with the (not so hidden) singing talents of Maria Linares, Sophia Moon and a touching poem by Paul Oemig. If you are from a large record company, you are welcome to reach out and give them money. The dance floor was opened by the talented Kiwi Mon, who was joined in by Sally Rumble. Drinking and a bit of bad behavior ensued.


Talent Show

Leigh-Anne gives a smack

To finish it all off, CreativeMornings celebrated it’s 6th birthday with a cake, sparklers and 300 family members!


(Image by CreativeMornings)

At the beginning of the Summit we were a room of strangers, but 3 days later I felt like I had a group of friends and family scattered around the world (expect travel soon). CreativeMornings has shifted in my mind from a series of talks in a bunch of cities around the world to a movement that is uniting the creative community across the globe. This is one of the closest communities that I have ever been part of. Everybody is giving their time, love and energy to make it happen, all united behind a common purpose. We are part of something special. It is growing around the world and it is gaining momentum. Watch this space.

If you would like to take part, get in touch.

Here are some of the weird and wonderful things we were exposed to over the 3 days:

None of this would be possible without our official partners – MailChimp, Squarespace & Shutterstock.
Without these companies, CreativeMornings would not be possible!

All these guys came on board to make the #cmsummit14 happen, a big shout out to you:
Moo, Blue Bottle, Sixpoint, 99U, Airbnb, Real Thread, Bklzr, Poppin, Pioneer Works, Great Performances, Baked by Melissa, The Confetti Bar, Lomography, Tattly, The Invisible Dog.

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We love travel and graphic wit, so this was a no brainer.

Every now and then you see one of those ideas that make you think “Damn why didn’t I think of that”…

This campaign is so clever and so simple, we love it! Well done Grey Beijing.

“Travel more, see more.”

Advertising Agency: Grey, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Chee Guan Yue
Creative Director: Chee Guan Yue
Copywriter: Chee Guan Yue, Li Ning
Art Director: Li Ning, Chee Guan Yue
Illustrator: Song Shanshan
Typographer: Cao Jie, Ma Lidan
Art Buyer: Kevin Bi, Jane Li
Account Supervisor: Chris Li
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Marcel Schneider
Account Manager: Amy Wang

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Old Mac Daddy’s Trailer Park

This is not really a travel blog, but some destinations warrant a punt. Old Mac Daddy’s Luxury Trailer Park is located just outside of Cape Town. The standout feature of the location are the ten Airstream trailers from the 1950’s that serve as designer accommodation for its guests.

Each trailer is designed by a different artist/designer with one or two being commissioned by big brands like Grolsch. Themes such as: The Dream, For Better or for Boerewors, and, Give Bees a Chance make for a quirky and memorable experience. The Dirkie Sanchez Suite even features a bed that doubles up as a wrestling ring. Seems well worth a visit.


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