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We’re at the end of April, four months into 2020 and it feels like we’ve been through a full year.

We’ve done some exciting work so far, and we thought the best way to celebrate would be to update our showreel.

We’re big fans of animation how effective it can be when used as a communication tool, offering greater scope for interpretation and emotion – everything from visuals and music to the personality of the video can be crafted to elicit an emotional response. It also allows you to communicate on multiple levels — voices, music, on-screen typography and visuals create a nuanced and layered method of communicating.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some exceptional organisations and the scope of projects has been broad — from internal explainer videos to saving Easter, and showing our support for healthcare workers fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines.

It’s been a rollercoaster in and out of the office, but we aren’t ready to jump off the ride that is 2020 just yet (we’re only 30% done). Take a look at what we’ve created this year, so far, and read on for why animation is so important, now more than ever.

Right now is a great time for animation

Camera crews and videographers are on lockdown with the rest of us, unable to go out and shoot. Video editors are limited to stock websites and libraries, scratching through terabytes of old footage to find the perfect shot.

But animators? Animators, while still on lockdown, are still able to create something from nothing (okay, maybe they need a script). Here are a few reasons we think that now is a great time to lean into some animation:

Videographers cannot go anywhere

If you’re hoping to create a video of your new product, you’ll need to have it on hand (or in the hands of a videographer). It’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to go out and shoot anything for a little while, whereas your product can be animated from scratch.

Fast, easy, engaging — people don’t want another thing to read

People don’t want another thing to read — with all of the infographics, news articles, and chat apps that are fighting for our attention every day, it’s easier to get your message across using video. Make it quick and exciting and you have something to capture their attention and speak to them effectively.

Completely new, completely yours

You’re not using video from a stock website, so you don’t have to worry about finding the clip that you chose being used in someone else’s video. Choosing to use animation means that you have a video that’s brand new and just for you – from the ground up.

To suit your needs — from simple to complex

It can be something as simple as a logo animation, or it can be a series of animated explainer videos for internal communications. No matter the brief, you’ll be able to build an animated video to suit.

One last plus: videos drive better engagement

If you’re building your online strategy, don’t negate the importance of including video. Videos have been shown to drive higher engagement on social media as it’s believed they encourage users to stop scrolling and grab a glimpse, and as mentioned earlier, it also offers greater scope for interpretation and emotion.

Are you thinking about making an animated video? We’d love to help –>

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