Legs Go!

Reading Time: 1 minute BUNGALOW is an independent creative studio based in Barcelona that specialises in motion graphic and animation. These folks are super talented and the proof is in the pudding with this animated video they created for Lycra to promote their lovely range of leggings and tights. Lycra from BUNGALOW on Vimeo. If you’re thinking of creating […]

The Yachtsetter

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Yatchsetter is a service that provides yacht and cabin rentals, offering 3-night weekend sailing and partying vacation tours on the beach. The Yachtsetter offers a unique experience as well as a clothing line of bathing suits, shirts, and other accessories. Once again Anagrama blows us away with their exquisite design – the elements found within […]

Luna de Oriente

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mexican design Firm, Menta, has recently that the most beautiful corporate identity for medical centre, ‘Luna de Oriente’. Founded by husband & wife, Marta & Scott and based in Guadalajara, México, this specific medical center offers oriental medicine through holistic healing. Thinking you’d like to improve your brand? Have a look at our branding document to see […]

Emerging Artists Dortmund

Reading Time: 3 minutes For years, Dortmund thrives in a scene of Fine Arts with nationally acclaimed exhibitions and exciting actors.Low rent in this area provides an optimal breeding ground for studios and exhibition spaces run by artists. Emerging Artists Dortmund showcases those equipped with the necessary skills needed to work successfully as professional artists.The corporate identity for this years exhibition was designed […]

Having lunch with Everytap

Reading Time: 2 minutes Everytap is an app that rewards you for hanging out at your favourite cafés and restaurants. In the beginning phases, as with most products, it was just the name and logo… but then came the app. A bunch of Everytap mascots we introduced defined the spirit of the brand and brought a feeling of real fun! Find out […]

The versatility of a font

Reading Time: 3 minutes When is comes to choosing the right typeface for your brand, it can be quite tricky – there seem to be endless choices from normal, conventional-looking fonts to bubbly, customised fonts, but how is anyone meant to choose? Typefaces are just as important to the visual effect of any design as images are. A good typeface will engage the […]

Retroviral on Bizcommunity

Reading Time: 1 minute Over the past few months, we have been hard at work, rebranding Retroviral. Recently, Bizcommunity interview owner of Retroviral, Mike Sharman on the process of the rebrand, both from their side, as well as ours. You can check out the article here, and have a look at our case study over here.

MIKÔTO Japanese Cuisine

Reading Time: 2 minutes German based design companies, ADDA Studio and HOCHBURG Design recently created the corporate identity for Japanese restaurant, MIKÔTO. Everything about the branding is so simple and sophisticated. I’m sure their food is delicious but if the branding is anything to go by, I eat it all up in a second. Thinking you’d like to improve your brand? Have a look at […]

Design Indaba 2015: Cut and paste paper branding

Reading Time: 2 minutes The theme for the 2015 Design Indaba festival was Make. Change. – a call to action encouraging their audience to take matters into their own hands to help someone or change something for the better. The branding for this campaign created by The Jupiter Drawing Room was the perfect fit for this bold statement. In keeping with the […]