Thought 06: Rethinking how people buy

Reading Time: 6 minutes Apart from the massive move to online and convenience shopping, people are realising that their local businesses and services are at risk. Being faced with challenging times has caused our economy to slow down — people are facing salary reductions and job losses, and though some restrictions have been lifted, businesses cannot operate in the […]

Thought 05: Craving human connection

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the past, during times of crisis, we came together to march, to riot, to hold hands, to sing. We are social animals. The past weeks and months feel disorientating and different because our human instinct is to connect rather than to isolate. For those who are currently working online, we’ve traded in-person meetings for […]

Thought 04: Expect a scarcity mindset

Reading Time: 6 minutes Household incomes are expected to drop in the coming months (if they haven’t already) and many consumers will be turning a sharp focus to their spending — this is going to impact almost every industry and every country. It’s not a nice thought, but yes, you are going to be affected. Industries that have been […]

Thought 03: What you put in — they will take out the other side

Reading Time: 5 minutes People will remember what you did for them when they needed it. This cuts both ways.  Companies that operate with a clear sense of purpose will find it easier to choose where they can be generous in meaningful ways. It will be easier for them to prioritise the needs of their employees, customers and the […]

Thought 02: Preparing for the lock-in economy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although Stage 5 lock-down is due to end next week, our transition back to ‘normal’ life will be incremental and is at this stage, unclear. The economy will not switch back on automatically, and you are unlikely to find your position in the market unchanged. Government has detailed the creation of an alert system with […]

Thought 01: This is the largest and fastest leap online that we will ever see

Reading Time: 5 minutes The world has been moving online at a more or less steady pace since 1995, but never has there been a more immediate need for us to do so. Our work, schooling, meetings and appointments have moved online — we’re even catching up with friends and family over conferencing platforms. According to the World Economic […]

Staying inside and Self-Preservation with Documinute

Reading Time: 4 minutes South Africa’s lockdown was scheduled to end on Thursday, the 16th of April, but as you most probably know, it’s been extended for two weeks. We’ve seen the effectiveness of the initial lockdown with South Africa’s curve flattening — we have yet to reach our peak of infections, but initiatives like Ubuntu Beds are ready […]

It’s going to be okay

Reading Time: 2 minutes The storm that is COVID-19 has left many of us reeling. As human beings, we are exposed to change daily, but nearly always in more palatable increments than this.  When the chaos eventually subsides, the landscape around us will be transformed. How will we adapt and change, to do what we do in a very […]

One More Question: Conor Neill

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Episode #17 of One More Question, Ross sits down with Conor Neill, President of Vistage Spain, a Senior Lecturer at IESE Business School, and a sought-after Keynote Speaker on Leadership Communication. As an entrepreneur, Conor has founded 5 companies and built the third largest fleet of private jets in Spain. But it wasn’t always […]