Week’s Recap: Monday 26 January – Friday 30 January

Reading Time: 2 minutes We love you guys so much we’re giving you a quick recap of what we posted from the NICE Magazine this week. If you’ve missed anything, you can get a quick link to it here. Without further ado, here we go… Article Summary: Chelsea Hantken (Wednesday 28 January 2015) Chelsea Hantken is a profound, soulful, freelance illustrator […]

Art Fight: Gerhard Van Wyk vs. Louis Minnaar

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello and welcome to a new series of Friday posts These posts have been taken from NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction. They are based on a new feature in the magazine which we like to call ‘The Art Fight’. For The Art Fight, we’ve split a page in half and pit two artists against each other. […]

Throwback Thursday: Alice Edy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello and welcome to a new series of posts Yip, we’re jumping onto the #ThrowbackThursday bandwagon. We won’t be throwing embarrassing pictures from our school days your way. What we will be doing is visiting artists and work that we have previously engaged with in NICE Magazines from years passed. We’ll also show you some of […]

Article Summary: Chelsea Hantken

Reading Time: 1 minute Featured in Nicework’s 13th edition we have a profound, soulful freelance illustrator and full-time hospitality student from down under, Chelsea Hantken. Chelsea’s illustrations focus on portraiture with inspiration gathered from motion and nature. In this article Chelsea talks about art as an escape, happiness, and relaxation. She also shines light on her digital world of […]

Anthea Pokroy On Why She Collects Gingers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Put your hand up if you thought Gingers were becoming less common in the human gene pool. My hand’s up. I thought it might end up that way, with the ginger gene being a recessive one. Maybe it was my classmates or the internet that made me think that? Anyway. Back to the question. You thought […]

The Impact of Responsive Design on Email Clicks

Reading Time: 1 minute The number of types of devices through which we consume content continues to grow at a rapid rate. Creating a website version for each device or screen resolution has become almost impossible. This begs the question, how do we successfully create websites which adapt to various devices and resolutions? The answer: Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web […]