BLOK DESIGN Wayward arts magazine

Blok Design created this enticing and absolutely wonderful magazine in support of Canada’s design and arts community. The magazine places focus on “counterculture” and successfully communicates a more focused approach regarding the celebration of art, politics and design. Furthermore, the magazine illustrates a bold change in history as well as the expression of one’s belief that […]

Learn your “A-B-C’s” this way:

This Monday, we go back to basics with Dawid Ryski , an exceptionally dynamic creative human, who I myself may just adopt as my next idol. He is a landscape architect by profession who lives and works in Pulawy, Poland. He is the creator of album covers and graphic designs for apparel companies and also, the drummer […]

Handy Illustrative Layering Techniques

Joe Waldron currently lives and works in Bristol, UK as a freelance illustrator. He has a Monday treat for you in the form of beautifully composed illustrations. Take a look at his technique, using layering of different illustrated elements and textures to create an interesting layout. I have to say (although not hugely relevant) that […]

Beauty disguised in the mask of illustrations

Useless but somewhat interesting piece of information, the word illustration derives from the Latin word , illu’stro meaning enlighten, irradiate. However, as useful or useless as it may seem the original meaning of the word illustration is perfectly defined through Sarah Rossignol’s work. Not only are her illuminated drawings and sketches engaging but also they […]

The iconic green bottle with a twist

Heineken disclosed a global campaign, ‘Cities of the World’, that through new adventures it was aimed to inspire men to live worldly and discover the secrets of their cities. More specifically, the beer campaign invited five designers to create unique and limited edition bottles for five popular clubs in Budapest, Hungry. Kiss Miklós, a designer […]

The Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup

The Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup is an occasion bound to have you on the edge of your seat. Saddle up, reign your anticipation in and prepare for one of the grandest events of the year. Be sure to race book your tickets before they are sold out, for the cheering, dirt, food, fashion, racing and […]

CreativeMornings – Shock

This month’s theme, Shock, was sharply illustrated  by Yeji Yun, showing sheer success in shameless typography. Our partner shout-out this month goes to none other than the show stopping Shutterstock. Be sure not to miss this talk, Joburg, for we have a speaker bound to knock your socks off, leaving shivers down your spine! Who is he? Find out […]