Reading Time: 2 minutes Fabian Oefner of Studio Oefner creates whimsical photographical artwork with various visual expression of the invisible effects of natural science and the properties of time is the genesis of his photography, film and kinetic installations. His art form encourages us to conceptualise in new ways, and to accept that art and science do not exist on opposite ends of the […]

Your type

Reading Time: 2 minutes Friction is a distorted geometric typeface that intentionally puts emphasis on it’s graphic appearance. The minimalistic core of the typeface is built around geometric shapes. Two secondary layers of graphic elements create more abstract letterforms. The many small moving parts create a fluttering, organic feeling.  

12th International book fair of Thessaloniki

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Hellenic Foundation for Culture commissioned Beetroot Design Group to design the visual identity and a series of applications including objects, prints & publications, signage, exhibition booths etc. For its actions and participations to international exhibitions for the promotion of Greek literature, including several pavillions of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in various book fairs around the world as […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Last year Sagmeister & Walsh created 3d environments inspired by 2d pop art paintings with the help of body painter Anastasia Durasova and set builds by Sing-Sing. This year, along with the same team, they brought psychedelic and constructivist worlds to life, complete with trippy optical illusions and a pink painted horse. Images will be […]

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise is an ironic activity book by Lukas Zabek for adolescents and persons who are planning to work or study in the design industry, but still aren‘t fully aware of the final direction of their future career. Counseling interviews, brochures and also professional design literature can be overwhelming and confusing and often aren’t […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re into strange but delightful ideas you’ll love the short film Noodles. Its a film by Gentlemen Films and is about, an anxious and penniless woman who discovers a bizarre way to get herself out of financial trouble. However, the solution that leads her to success soon becomes her dark burden.   For creative solutions like Miss […]

Little ‘Monsters’

Reading Time: 4 minutes Studio Muti worked with the Huffington Post on a series of gifs to classify the many weird and wonderful specimens of little ‘monsters’ you may encounter in your expeditions as a parent this summer, and we love these little monsters.   Unlike the eerily quiet Pad People or the spritely Breezebums, a Deciblor will immediately announce its presence via its preferred […]

More than less, less than more

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brass pop up candle holder by Studio inbetween Exquisite modesty More than less, less than more, Borders should be flexible—but even better, they should extend and adapt to your own particular environment, much like this candle holder designed by Studio inbetween. The Cell Ø88 Candle Tray arrives flat-packed, with brass outer rings that pull up into […]