BlackBay Brewery & CO

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A new favourite designer of ours is Carlos de Toro. We fell in love with his 3D Experimental Type project and he is back with more beautiful design.

Introducing BlackBay Brewery & CO

BlackBay Brewery & CO is a new craft beer company based in Byron Bay (Australia), led by Liam Brooks and David O’neil. BlackBay’s aim is to export Australian beer (of course), but also Australian culture, values and spirit as a referent abroad, so their beers are based and inspired by the things they value the most: their land legacy, the hot Australian barley fields and the sea (they became friends thanks to surf before starting this project). Sweet Ale, Summer Ale and Pacific Ale are really limited edition beers: each bottle is a little treasure that will be enjoyed by customers so the design makes each bottle literally unique and numbered in the front. Risography printed.

Check out the project below and see more of Carlos’ work here







BlackBay-Beer-5cc (1)








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