Flame Grilling McDonald’s Fans

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With a wealth of information at our fingertips today, it’s easy enough to perform a five minute search on your smartphone, claim fan status and profess your undying love for a brand or product, without ever having interacted with it (or heard of it) before.

This begs the question, if you’re trying to find the real fans of a brand, where do you look? As the Norwegian arm of Burger King has proven, you can’t look at a brand’s social media pages and assume that all follows and likes are from loyal fans.

So how about fans with tattoos? Those of us that place a permanent mark of our undying love and devotion for our favourite brand on our bodies (and hold thumbs that they’ll never undertake a major rebrand).

What’s better than finding out that you have fans this loyal? Turning your competitor’s most loyal fans into fans of your brand and then convincing them to change their tattoos.

São Paulo agency David found out how best to do this for their client, Burger King. They tracked down five Big Mac lovers so devoted to that they each bore Big Mac tattoos. The five participants were offered a trip to Brazil with the promise of an unspecified Burger King taste test.

The five participants tried Burger King’s latest offering, The Big King, loved it, and then were introduced to celebrity tattoo artist Ami James. Ami then offered to add flame-broiled grill marks to their Big Mac tattoos – changing them to flame-grilled Big Kings.

Did they like The Big King enough to alter their tattoos? Four out of the five did, with the only participant not wanting to change their tattoo doing so for sentimental reasons.


Do you want people to get tattoos of your brand someday? Learn how to build a brand that people will want on their bodies, here:

great brands are communicated, not designed

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