The Fields: Leaving its mark on Pretoria

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The Fields is one of Hatfields original student accommodation developments. As part of the refreshed building project, they were eager to bring this new energy to their existing brand identity.

We wanted to be sure that The Fields felt as young and vibrant as the residents who would be calling it home. We worked on their identity, visual language and website to create an approachable and fresh take on their existing look and feel.

The Fields City Property Logo

The Logo

To be sure that The Fields felt welcoming and would be easy to recognise, we modernised and simplified their logo. An ownable typemark was created for the brand as part of the final logo lock-up. A simplified version of the logo was for created online use, as the original logo had previously only been used at scale, on signage.

The Fields Logo: Before
The Fields Logo: After

A disruptor

Like its residents — young, driven and looking to bring something new — The Fields needed to show it was here to shake things up a little.

We took the square from the logo and introduced it as a disruptor.

Wherever you see the little square, you can be sure it’s leaving its mark — it unapologetically pushes fonts out of alignment, it lands on images (where it’s not supposed to be), and dashes across pages, making sure you know it’s there.

Intertwined throughout the website, the little square follows the simplified colour palette, bringing in little bits of exciting colour wherever it appears — rebellious, but lovable.

Our little disruptor, pushing fonts out of alignment and landing where it’s not supposed to be

Icons and imagery

The first step for prospective tenants was seeing themselves living in and interacting with The Fields. Nothing but fresh imagery with a distinctly South African feel would do.

We designed and animated custom square icons, based on the disruptive square.
Not only could our target audience see themselves living at The Fields, but there were subtle pieces of interaction and liveliness all along the journey — whether it was the space, the website, or our little square reminding them to shake things up.

A life online

The Fields, like any youngster striving to make their mark, needed its own space. It still had to fit under the City Property banner but needed its own voice.

Our solution was a simple and clear website that presented users with all the information they needed as they landed — we know what you’re here for and we’re not going to waste your time.

We kept City Property’s dark blue as the core colour and simplified the colour palette because too many colours can be a little distracting. The colours we used still alluded to a lively brand, ready to move, and full of youthful vigour.

A simple and clear website that presents you with all of the information you need
Keeping City Property’s dark blue as the core colour, we chose a simplified colour palette for The Fields

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