New Sheridan Hotel

Reading Time: < 1 minute Seattle branding firm Urban Influence was given the brief to re-brand the New Sheridan Hotel. The focus was to create a modern brand experience rooted in old world service ideals. The high attention to detail and sophisticated roll out of the corporate identity across various media in this project is quite phenomenal.

Lucia Soap Packaging

Reading Time: < 1 minute . Wallpaper inspired packaging by Caroline Reumont. The beautifully detailed organic patterns fit very well with the brand and the product, that is organically made and carefully produced. Well done Caroline! Ten points for your awesome packaging. Typography is awesome too.


Reading Time: < 1 minute Anagrama is a Spanish design agency that was come up with some really inventive branding ideas for business cards. Below are two I particularly liked. Estudio Habitat business cards – for an architectural firm that wanted to foreground the idea of space, aesthetics and diversity. Circular business cards that fold into a taco shape for […]

AFOM business cards

Reading Time: < 1 minute Melbourne-based design company A Friend of Mine has recently created business cards that reflect a professional yet fun image. This is achieved by having a simple brown business card with colourful sides. They describe the concept as “business on the front, party on the sides”.