Every Monday has a Silver Lining

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pascal Campion’s illustrations are ours. He works with areas of direct colour, sometimes augmented with textures, but his images are fundamentally graphic. The visual charm of his drawings is carried by springy, energetic compositions. Campion is a master at selecting colours that evoke mood, time and place with a unique and simple finesse. Campion’s use of distinct light and shadow, […]

Creative Mornings : Revolution

Reading Time: 1 minute This month we are shaking in our boots in anticipation as we await the talk built around the topic of Revolution: presented by MailChimp and illustrated by Mark Weaver. If you were to overthrow a social order in favour of a new system, have you ever thought what would that system might be? Join in, as we prepare […]

Land Your Dream Design Job

Reading Time: 3 minutes Landing your dream job is always a technique worth mastering. In the design world, as highlighted by Creative Drum, our very own Ross Drakes has a few words of wisdom on the topic: “Nicework is always looking for new designers, we hire 2 to 3 people every year. In order to stand out in the […]

Paper Thin Illustration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Eiko Ojala uses a number of illustration techniques that visually translate into artworks that appear as though they have been cut from paper. Thanks to his fresh approach, attention to detail and delicate execution, Eiko has been commissioned to create pieces for clients such as The NY Times, HSBC, V&A museum and Harvard Business Review. Have a […]