Utter Otter Artistry

Reading Time: 2 minutes If this doesn’t make your Monday a brighter day, then I don’t know what will, nor do I know whether we could ever be friends. Take a look, and be romanced by these delicate illustrations done by 星明 李 . Bringing a character to life is an art, and as we see here, can be projected thoroughly […]

My ‘Type’ of Summer!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Madrilenian art director, Yonito Tanu has captured the spirit of Summer in such a lovely way that all you can do is nod in agreement. With the help of Jessica Chapiness, his Summer Vibes project sets out to capture words-of-summer in an exciting and nostalgic way. Something makes me feel like you need to get yourself a cool ice tea and a […]


Reading Time: 1 minute Creative mornings Johannesburg has a heart the size of our city. We have passion for face-to-face connections, a variety of perspectives and humans that inspire other humans. The bigger picture matters, and we want to inspire you to chase the things that matter to your bigger picture. And so, our next theme is revealed : […]

Creative Mornings: Action

Reading Time: 1 minute This August holds an action packed talk for all you absolutely amazing authentic attendees. Thank you FreshBooks and  Jose Berrio for this awesome illustration. Need to get inspired, meet the mentor of your dreams or simply mingle, munch some delicious Vovo Telo and sip on some delightful Doubleshot Coffee? Wash that all down with Luna water and you are […]

It’s weekend!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oh yes! Weekend is here! Whether you are going out or staying in, here are some websites you can loose yourself in. The majority of them are single-serving sites. Some are very useful while others, others just plain entertaining. 1. Noisli They say that white-noise can enhance creativity and productivity. This site presents a selection of background noises […]

A Foxy Tale

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mondays have the tendancy to throw many of us curve balls or waves of procrastination, as we metaphorically curl into the fetal position and sway slowly back and forth… A tad dramatic? Maybe. Anyhow, this Monday I have chosen to introduce you to someone who may very well brighten your day. Meet Quinn the Fox, […]

Meet Snask!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meet Snask, a creative agency in Sweden that makes kick ass branding, design & film; through the eyes of Annelies Clauwaert. During a three months internship at Snask, she ended up making a stop motion film based on a design created for the Snask column in Computer Art magazine. A little treat – executed with great craftsmanship and a whole lot of pink! After […]

Creative Mornings : Garth Walker

Reading Time: 2 minutes Garth started out in the mid 1970s in the era of bell-bottoms, layout pads, Magic Markers and Letraset. In 1994 he went solo opening Orange Juice Design, later acquired by Ogilvy South Africa. In 2007 he founded Mister Walker.  Mister Walker works on big and small design related projects for a wide range of corporate […]

The School of Life tells us Why Design Matters

Reading Time: 1 minute Happy Thursday everyone! We have had the lovely opportunity to have Marié Serfontein intern here at Nicework, and asked her if she has anything interesting to share with us – and she did!  <insert drumroll here> Life is crammed with questions. Quick questions, hard questions, silly questions, sobering questions, life-changing questions – even ones that fit into […]