The School of Life tells us Why Design Matters

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Thursday everyone! We have had the lovely opportunity to have Marié Serfontein intern here at Nicework, and asked her if she has anything interesting to share with us – and she did!  <insert drumroll here> Life is crammed with questions. Quick questions, hard questions, silly questions, sobering questions, life-changing questions – even ones that fit into […]

Nostalgic Beats from DJ Opiuo

Reading Time: 2 minutes What do you get when you combine 240 audio cassettes, 5,600 feet of video tape, 108 floppy discs and 1 retro walkman? A happy upbeat music video that tickles your nostalgic bones all over – add flashbacks to favourite video games like Tetris or the Brick Wall Breaker and you’re a gonner! Australian animation studio Dropbear […]

Creative Mornings : Trinity Session

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Given the The Trinity Session’s extensive practice of public art curation and implementation, an archive of particular knowledge and experience develops in parallel to the commissioning process. Much of this information is not always present in the final permanent outcomes they manage. Hence their collaborative artistic practice as Hobbs/Neustetter serves to record and translate […]

Creative Mornings : Revolution

Reading Time: < 1 minute This month we are shaking in our boots in anticipation as we await the talk built around the topic of Revolution: presented by MailChimp and illustrated by Mark Weaver. If you were to overthrow a social order in favour of a new system, have you ever thought what would that system might be? Join in, as we prepare […]

Why not engRoss yourself?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever thought of exactly what ingredients are needed to compose the perfect creative director? I am not sure that the perfect recipe has been unveiled, but whatever the it entails, this man certainly cracks the nod. Have a look at Design Fest to take note of the secrets, formulas and measurements of craziness […]

Behance Portfolio Review Johannesburg

Reading Time: < 1 minute Twice a year, Behance presents Portfolio Review Week. These events form part of a global network of volunteer-organised reviews taking place in over 120 countries, aimed at bringing creatives together and sharing ideas. Join us for the the Behance Portfolio Review Johannesburg, brought to you by the UJ Department of Graphic Design, in partnership with Nicework and Between10and5. […]

Oreo Pop-up Café Launch

Reading Time: 2 minutes This sugar-coated event was one bustling with people of all shapes, sizes and careers each with one thing in common; the amount of Oreo treats, entertainment and activities had every guest’s childhood alter ego bouncing off the walls. In the true spirit of ‘play with Oreo’,  Candice Mullins from Plato Communications, Thurlow from Mbongiworks, Mariaan Steyn […]

Design Indaba 2015: Lessons Learned

Reading Time: 6 minutes Happy Monday, julle! Nicework was kind enough to send us to this year’s Design Indaba Simulcast at UJ, on condition that we would bring back what we learned to share and inspire. We’ve shared our insights with each other, and now it’s time to share them with you, too. 01: Add exponential value Pepe Marais […]

Retroviral on Bizcommunity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Over the past few months, we have been hard at work, rebranding Retroviral. Recently, Bizcommunity interview owner of Retroviral, Mike Sharman on the process of the rebrand, both from their side, as well as ours. You can check out the article here, and have a look at our case study over here.