Nicework needs an animator

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello there! Are you good at animation and film? Do you like junk food and swear words? Or carrot sticks and baby animals? We take all kinds. Nicework is looking for a junior or mid-level animator/editor/camera man to join our team. This role involves delivering world-class work to a variety of clients. You’ll be working hard, drinking […]

3D Printing Innovation

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve recently began looking at buying a 3D printer for making all sorts of epic nonsense for various branding projects, photo and video shoots and just to make incredibly awesome little figurines, for completely non-business related epicness.  I mean, making tangible logos and taking 3D designed elements from projects past and making them real. OH […]

Nicework needs a creative director

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nicework is looking for a creative director to join our team. This role involves delivering world-class creative to a variety of clients. It involves working hard, drinking tea and having fun. You are: Able to understand complex business problems and apply design thinking to them Execute world class design Mentor, (gently) push and grow your team […]

Everybody needs to go

Reading Time: 2 minutes Next time you’re embarrassed by your rather long trip to the loo, just remember that everyone has to answer to Mother Nature’s call. Even these guys. Artistic director, Lucas Savelli shows us how it really is with his series of cartoon characters sitting quietly on the throne, while the kids on cartoon network watch an ad break […]

Nicework is hiring!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello there, talented and hardworking junior designer, junior producer or animator! We’re looking for someone just like you to join our carefully selected team of total badasses. Think you fit the bill? Just click the button below, and answer the totally standard and not at all invasive questions. Don’t call us… we’ll call you. <3 Click […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Tuesday everybody! Seeing that we all survived Monday, how better than to kick-off the day with some good music wrapped in an exciting animation – maybe even providing you some additional ‘metaphorical’ food to sustain you through the week? Joel Mackenzie produced and directed a rather exciting animated music video for Rich Aucoin and his song […]

Just Designing: Cross-Pollination in Design Practice

Reading Time: 9 minutes Not so long ago, the Nicework team decided to start making a regular thing of presenting our ideas and experiences to each other – both to spread a little knowledge and brush up on our presentation skills. There are very few limits to what we can present on, as long as it seems interesting and […]

Nicework Against Humanity

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s no secret that the Nicework team works and plays together, and our newest obsession for beer o’clock on Fridays has been the addictive party game Cards Against Humanity. Beginning its life as an enormously successful Kickstarter project, the game has become the darling of “horrible people” everywhere, ourselves included. We’ve even begun expanding our deck with our […]

Kid Art Grows Up

Reading Time: 2 minutes Telmo Pieper teamed up with his younger self, to illustrate what his young mind was yearning to express while he still needed to brush up on his Photoshop skills. Finally his series called Kiddie Arts is revealed. It’s nice to see people digging up childhood treasures and breathing new life into them! We all grow […]