Paintkillers Tattoo Club

Reading Time: 2 minutes Paintkillers tattoo club (PTC) was formally started in 2011 and received it’s official status in 2014. Now the tattoo club consolidates 2 studios in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg with a plan to grow further. It is a place where the people with the same interests meet and may get new experience and knowledge about tattoo […]

Bickford and Sons Label Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bickford’s Australia, is famous for its range of quality cordials and portfolio of premium Australian made beverages and has launched a new brand – Bickford and Sons. The new range proudly celebrates the heritage of the South Australian company which began production of aerated beverages in 1874. Leveraging the authenticity of Bickford’s apothecary origins, the brand offers […]

Typography and material behavior

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thomas Wirtz’s  master thesis describes a free design experiment that has evolved over time into a modular system consisting of two components: The self-made font, produced by 3D printing, which is thereby associated with a variety of physical processes. With references to the associated website, the book documents, among other things, the search for constants for the experiment,the […]

The Value of Line.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anton Burmistrov is a graphic designer raised in a country that no longer exists. He attended the Tallinn School of Art then graduated from the University of Greenwich. He has worked as a designer at London agencies such as Hey Human, Brave and Leo Burnett across a variety of work in print, TV, digital and […]

Badaboom bada bang

Reading Time: 2 minutes Badaboom is a clothing range made from bamboo. The idea of the clothing is that it is 100% biodegradable, the fabric is soft and it helps fight of unwanted odours. The brand of this company is simple and clean, yet striking. The logo reminds one of bamboo rods itself, which is a good solution. When […]

Tea state of mind

Reading Time: 2 minutes Culteavo tea was inspired by the deeper meaning of the verb “cultivate”: to foster the growth of… not just tea, but the mind, soul and spirit. Culteavo represents a culture, community, wellness, awareness, awakening of the senses. The Culteavo team are well travelled and have studied the art of tea making, they respect the tradition and give it a whole […]

LA NOTE Parfum papier tigre

Reading Time: 2 minutes La Note is packaging design created for an original and quirky perfume range. This design challenges the normality often associated with packaging design by introducing unique geometric shapes and an interesting use of colour. Stationery company Paper Tigre has used recycled paper, origami influenced design throughout the packaging design evidently illustrating an exclusive aesthetic perfume range.   […]