One More Question: Conor Neill

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Episode #17 of One More Question, Ross sits down with Conor Neill, President of Vistage Spain, a Senior Lecturer at IESE Business School, and a sought-after Keynote Speaker on Leadership Communication. As an entrepreneur, Conor has founded 5 companies and built the third largest fleet of private jets in Spain. But it wasn’t always […]

Work shouldn’t suck!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Work sucks. Say this to most people and you very likely will have found common ground. But work shouldn’t suck. The place where we spend most of our time shouldn’t be somewhere that we don’t want to be, because we end up resenting the work we do, the people we work with, and the companies […]

One More Question: Andy Golding and Brad Shorkend (Part II)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Episode #16 of One More Question forms part II of our conversation with Andy Golding and Brad Shorkend, co-CEOs of Still Human. In this episode, Ross, Andy, and Brad discuss why you shouldn’t just hire for culture fit, why your organisation shouldn’t be a ‘family’, the value in creating a sense of belonging, and how […]

One More Question: Brad Shorkend and Andy Golding (Part I)

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Season 2, Episode #2 Ross sat down with Andy Golding and Brad Shorkend, co-CEOs of Still Human, a company that helps small, medium and large organisations to become Companies Behaving Awesomely. Why ‘Companies Behaving Awesomely?’ A Company Behaving Awesomely is an organisation to which the best people want to come, do come, choose to […]

The value in knowing your True North

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some leaders have long embraced the power of purpose in guiding an organisation to success, but until fairly recently, making that idea a reality has proved challenging.

We are seeing shifts in recognising the importance of purpose and how beneficial it can be when brought to the core of an organisation’s strategy.

How To Build A Community: Care

Reading Time: 6 minutes In its simplest form, the growth of an organisation usually means reaching new customers and convincing them to sign up or to buy what you’re selling. When gaining new customers becomes the principal focus of an organisation, the benefits of building a strong brand community are something that can easily be overlooked.

In the final episode of season 1 of One More Question, we spoke to Kevin Huynh and Bailey Richardson, founding partners of People & Company, about the importance of focusing on people that are already fans of your brand.

One More Question: Louis Janse van Rensburg

Reading Time: < 1 minute In Season 2, Episode #1 Ross and Louis Janse van Rensburg talk about how Heavy Chef got started, how clarity of purpose can be a powerful tool in business, the challenge of scaling purpose alongside the organisation, and Heavy Chef’s work in the entrepreneurial space.

The New Agency

Reading Time: 5 minutes The days of the Mad Men are over and agencies are grappling with the changing face of marketing and advertising. In a previous post, we mentioned that agencies are facing challenging times, but the need for strong, effective creative thinking and outputs is becoming increasingly evident with some of the world’s largest consulting firms buying […]

Brand credibility — to build or to rent?

Reading Time: 6 minutes In Episode #11 of OneMoreQuestion, Ross sat down with Uno De Waal to chat about brand credibility and how the right kind of collaborations between brands and creatives can help to build it.  When we talk about brand credibility, we mean the trustworthiness of the brand in the mind of the consumer. High levels of […]