Presentation Design Masterclass: Colour Palettes

Hello! Happy Thursday, and welcome to the fourth instalment of our presentation design masterclass. So far, we’ve covered the planning, setup and typography that will go into your presentation. Today, we’ll be talking about colour palettes – what makes a good one? How can you use colours to tell your story? Let’s explore. Selecting colour […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Using Fonts

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third module of our Presentation Design Masterclass. In our last two modules, we discussed how to plan the perfect presentation, and create a document template that will set you up for success. By now, you’re probably excited to actually design something – so let’s talk about typography.   Selecting the […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Document setup

Hello! Welcome to the second module of the Nicework Presentation Design Masterclass. If you missed the our last module, “Before you begin”, you can see it right here. It covers some important points that will help you plan for success before you even open up PowerPoint. Go read it! We’ll wait. Today, we’ll be talking about how to […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Before you begin

Happy Monday, and welcome to the first module of the Nicework Presentation Design Masterclass! Get out your notebooks and pens, because today we’re talking about what to do before you even think about opening PowerPoint. Make sure you get all the way to the bottom of this post – as with every module of this […]

Introducing the Nicework Presentation Masterclass

Hello, everyone! We at Nicework are very (very, very, very) excited to launch project we’ve been working on for a while – the Nicework Presentation Masterclass. It’s a weekly course designed to help you use clever planning and great design to propel your career to new heights with the best presentations ever. Here’s a quick […]

High Res Images and why they are so important for presentations

It’s no secret that images have much more descriptive potential than a few lines of text. Images create visual stimulation that keeps your audience engaged and delighted, which is crucial when it comes to presentations in both Powerpoint and Keynote. Here are a few best practice pointers for using images in your presentations. Always use […]

Mapei Interior Design Illustration

Italian illustrator Carlo Stanga has created these beautiful illustrations of interiors for Mapei. The use of perspective and detail particularly make these illustrations worthwhile looking at for longer periods of time. Consider designing an interior or getting an interior designed. It is an industry standard to get drawings and then at a later stage computer […]

Google i/o 2014 – the full presentation

Google is one of the most spoken about companies in the world, they also have their huge developer conference once a year. Google i/o is one of the block buster presentations of the year, akin to Steve Job’s Apple presentations. This year the design and presentation of the information was world class. Google is busy […]