Jordan Bolton’s iPosters

Manchester-based artist Jordan Bolton creates striking photographic posters inspired by film and music, using only his iPhone. Jordan states that: “The original plan was to use famous lyrics in the artworks but after it turned out to be too expensive to license the words I decided to do the artworks as though they were alternative […]


Fabian Oefner of Studio Oefner creates whimsical photographical artwork with various visual expression of the invisible effects of natural science and the properties of time is the genesis of his photography, film and kinetic installations. His art form encourages us to conceptualise in new ways, and to accept that art and science do not exist on opposite ends of the […]

Celebs on Sandwiches

Celebs On Sandwiches Is The Instagram Everyone Is Talking About Right Now –  Celebs on Sandwiches, which brings together two of the internet’s favorite subjects—carbs and celebrities, duh. The pairing actually makes total sense. After all, pop culture has long had an affinity with sandwiches. The project, created by L.A.-based artist Jeff McCarthy, features intricate watercolors of […]

12th International book fair of Thessaloniki

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture commissioned Beetroot Design Group to design the visual identity and a series of applications including objects, prints & publications, signage, exhibition booths etc. For its actions and participations to international exhibitions for the promotion of Greek literature, including several pavillions of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in various book fairs around the world as […]

Mossy Lush Embroidery

Maryland-based artist Emma Mattson creates mossy embroidery hoops that allow you to take a piece of nature inside with you. Emma states: “I also enjoy seeking out textured landscapes that a human could be a part of or get lost in.  Most of my mixed-media work focuses on building my own miniature landscapes. I love working with […]

Little ‘Monsters’

Studio Muti worked with the Huffington Post on a series of gifs to classify the many weird and wonderful specimens of little ‘monsters’ you may encounter in your expeditions as a parent this summer, and we love these little monsters.   Unlike the eerily quiet Pad People or the spritely Breezebums, a Deciblor will immediately announce its presence via its preferred […]

PUNny Foods by Ben Chelouche

Everyday foods live up to their names in these humorous shots by graphic designer and photographer Ben Chelouche Check out a few of our favourites below or head here for some more food fun                                       STRAWberry   […]

Portraits from Africa

Rafael Comino Matas, a Spanish artist, uses one of the most inspiring, unique ways to capture his experiences in Africa –  journaling in the form of a sketchbook. He captures powerful portraits of people that he meets along the journey. His striking mix of different materials such as watercolor, pencil, and pen create beautiful effects in his […]

Face to Face with Fonts

What if our fonts could reflect exactly what we feel? We use emojis to bring some emotion to the otherwise bland world of instant messaging but what if we could show what we feel by changing the font with the most expressive part of our bodies, our faces. Conceptual designer Renee Verhoeven’s Type Face, a […]