Telefilm Canada – Visual Identity by lg2boutique

Reading Time: 2 minutes Branding and design company lg2boutique was selected by Telefilm Canada to design the visual identity for Canadian delegations around the world. The design team had to develop a simple but striking corporate image for Canadian talent put forward at festivals and international-level events. Lg2boutique’s task was to create a visual identity inspired by Canada’s geography and […]

Roaming the American Wilderness

Reading Time: 4 minutes Willem Van Den Heever is an independent filmmaker, photographer and traveler from Pretoria, South Africa. He began his film-making career in 2011 while still in high school. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Film Arts in 2015 from The Open Window Institute of Film Arts in Centurion, Pretoria. His first film, Coffee (2013), gained international […]

‘Hey’ illustrations

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Hey’ is a graphic design studio from Barcelona, Spain. They pride themselves on their illustration, typography, editorial design and brand identity creation. Colour, geometry and bold graphics are often emphasised in their work.The Hey Studio also has an online shop where they share their love for design. The illustrations below were commissioned by Hansome Frank, the telecoms company […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Malte Brandenburg is a self taught photographer from Berlin. He has a love for symmetry and simplicity. ‘Stacked’ is a series of photographs of post-war housing estates in Berlin. Initially these houses were built for middle class families but were over time replaced by poorer families. The buildings were built in a seemingly identical fashion […]

Oliver Bonhomme’s Jazz Dreams

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oliver Bonhomme is French illustrator and art director. He is a jazz fanatic and has been saxophonist for the past 20 years. Below is his illustration series “Journey to New Orleans”, a fantasy venture into the ‘city of jazz dreams’ as well as some African jazz inspired works. You can find more of his illustrations on

Tricolores laces

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cossette agency designed a pair of skate laces for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation that can be worn with pride. Pride for the players, the HABS and the cause. Quebecers physically and metaphorically tie themselves to the cause. This is the first series of 5 limited edition, collectible & uniquely different hockey skate laces. Each lace […]

Paintkillers Tattoo Club

Reading Time: 2 minutes Paintkillers tattoo club (PTC) was formally started in 2011 and received it’s official status in 2014. Now the tattoo club consolidates 2 studios in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg with a plan to grow further. It is a place where the people with the same interests meet and may get new experience and knowledge about tattoo […]