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In anticipation of next Friday’s talk by Nick Boraine on Rehearsing Forgiveness, have a look at this video detailing some fantastic work by the Global Arts Corps. Nick began work for the Global Arts Corps as an Assistant Artistic Director in March of 2011.  Through countless workshops and interactions with other performers, musicians, artists, ex-combatants and children he saw endless possibilities to provoke a perceptual shift that might stop violence and promote dialogue.

While you cannot argue someone out of racism, homophobia or sexism through rational argumentation, we believe it is possible, through theatre, to create moments that disturb, provoke and unsettle our own preconceived notions about ourselves and about others… these moments or encounters act as catalysts for dialogue and reconciliation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.32.27 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.32.25 AM

GLOBAL ARTS CORP from James Rogan on Vimeo.

Follow Nick Boraine on Twitter or see what the GAC is up to.

The talk is set to happen at the Nicework offices on Friday the 24th of January, from 8:30 – to 10am. Ticket bookings  open on Monday (the 20th of January), but register here in the meantime so you’re ready to grab your seat. Don’t get left out in the cold. While all the cool kids sit inside, eating nice pastries, drinking Doubleshot coffee and pelting you with stones.

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