Channel O, Young Gifted and Black

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Channel O, the African music channel which is broadcast by the DSTV network, commissioned a music video that showcases artists from all over Africa. The theme is young, gifted and black – a nod to the timeless Nina Simone cut. Shot by director Leigh Ogilvie (Freize Films), edited by Saki Bergh (Left), our very own Ross Drakes added some amazing design and animation to a piece of work that we are very proud to have been a part of.

Or if you do not have any time check the 90″ out

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Ross grew up on the wrong side of the Jukskei. He studied at Vega and was awarded the Top Student prize at his graduation. After working as a freelancer for four years, he founded Nicework with Ben Vorster. He has a penchant for Scandinavian wood furniture and really nice shirts. He is open to bribery- all iPads are welcome. He also likes chocolate cake and is happily married.

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  1. The synergy between the message in the communication and the brand essence is perfect. Well done Mbulelo and Carl from Ogilvy. A piece of very classy work.
    Well done

  2. this is the most KICK ASS song eva!!
    i ABSOLUTLY love it BUT i wish that channel o played the long version more often…

  3. A very usefull song, a song with a strong message. Gives a lot of black children a reason as to why should they b proud of their complection. Thank u chanel o! As my art teacher mr. Hoets would say….”fantastic piece of work!”

  4. young, gifted and black, what more can a person say. It is everything that a person can be proud of, expressing the diversity, talent and thriving of all black people. This is a sure way of marketing black talent that has been here for a long time and right now it has been exposed for thee better. Well done chanel o for taking this initiative……

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