Colours and Lines

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I remember as a kid, when in Art class for the very first time, that our teacher asked us to draw and shade something with our pencils. It was a pot plant, or tofu or a chair or something arbitrary. Shortly after we began she smacked a large ruler against the board and told us to stop. Being very young kids we were rather shocked and didn’t know why our pencil scribbles were warranting such an effect.  She said that every single person in the class was doing that rubbing shading and not even thinking about showing color and form with another technique, like lines, or stippling.

Looking rather puzzled, she proceeded to show us a large variety of alternative shading techniques which we all then had to practice on little spheres.

The work here by James Oconnell is a playful exploration on this topic, but with really stand out results and reminds us that the most obvious execution needn’t be the one we choose but rather to play with other squiggly lines, shading-outside-the-shape and so on.

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