Every Monday has a Silver Lining

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Pascal Campion’s illustrations are ours.

He works with areas of direct colour, sometimes augmented with textures, but his images are fundamentally graphic. The visual charm of his drawings is carried by springy, energetic compositions. Campion is a master at selecting colours that evoke mood, time and place with a unique and simple finesse. Campion’s use of distinct light and shadow, and in particular splashes and patches of bright light within subdued backgrounds highlights the focus of his images. He has a wonderful ability to use these effects, along with strong compositions to create an atmosphere and energy to even the most unassuming of subjects. His subject matter of intimate domestic scenes and quiet moments of solitude become just as visually compelling as a raucous action scene would be. Campion does a daily sketch which sends to his followers everyday and posts to his Facebook page. You can also view these by clicking here to sign up for the newsletter.







Watch an awesome video of a time lapse highlighting Pascal’s illustration techniques.

We hope this post has warmed your day like it has warmed out hearts. Need a little more heart-warming? We’ll tell you how you can achieve this:

great brands are communicated, not designed

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