Four graphic designers at the forefront of typographic book cover design.

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For the next two weeks at Nicework we have 4 amazing interns hanging out with us, so we’ve ask them to help contribute to the blog! This post was written by one of them. His name is Conor and he is a third year graphic design student studying at the University of Johannesburg. He is also a ballroom dancing enthusiast and tames grizzly bears in his spare time.

We all know the feeling that you get when you’re strolling down the fiction aisle with your head in the clouds and suddenly a little burst of aesthetic pulls you back to reality. Fantastically designed book covers do this. 70% of the battle of sales is won by the striking image presented on top of the story and these four designers use impeccably placed typography to lock this science down.


Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is an American letterer and illustrator. Her client list is riddled with giants such as The New York Times, Victoria’s Secret, Penguin Books, Nike and Wes Anderson.





Iacopo Bruno

Iacopo Bruno is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Milan, Italy. He utilizes the combination of illustration and typography to take average book covers and transform them into amazing works of art.





Jim Tierney

Jim Tierney is an illustrator working from Brooklyn, NY. His illustration skill places most of its efforts on hand lettering and his use of colour and space work together to create something special in his designs.





Jon Gray

Jon Gray (otherwise known as gray318) is a graphic designer based in London. His works and illustrations take on a grungy perfection that force your eyes to double take.




Published by Ross

Ross grew up on the wrong side of the Jukskei. He studied at Vega and was awarded the Top Student prize at his graduation. After working as a freelancer for four years, he founded Nicework with Ben Vorster. He has a penchant for Scandinavian wood furniture and really nice shirts. He is open to bribery- all iPads are welcome. He also likes chocolate cake and is happily married.

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