How Coca-Cola Makes More Than Just Beverages

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Known as possibly the most recognized, popular and famous brand in the world, Coca-Cola has developed an incredibly wide array of products and drinks. Ice Teas , Coffees , Energy drinks and even Distilled Water.  Even with their standard offering of Coke, Sprite and Fanta, their product range, sizes and materials is vast and varied. How does one even begin an ad campaign for one of these products ?

Well, as one of the major brands of the world, they carry a great responsibility in creating quality and genius ad campaigns, as well as the production and recycling of their products.  Here are some of the most notable ones for me :


Ogilvy & Mather China developed the ‘2ndlives’ campaign to deal with the issue of all the trash and recycling problems within Indonesia, Vietnam and Thialand. By adding on “extra features” to each bottle cap, new lives were given to the cool drink. Various tops were created for the campaign, including paintbrushes, spray bottles, pencil sharpeners, night-lights and bubble blowers. Even toys for kids like waterguns and rattles.

coca-cola-2nd-life-designboom02  coca-cola-2nd-life-designboom04


Small World Machines

Leo Burnett and TheSuperGroup were the masterminds of this concept. There is a longstanding tension between the people of Pakistan and India, and as a way to bring people together, they created an interconnected set of vending machines that required you to touch hands, dance, laugh and engage with people on the “other side” in order to get a free can of Coke. By creating these simple interactions between people, many laughs and cans were shared and the campaign did much more than just promote itself and its tagline of “Open Happiness”,





With Coca Cola teaming up DEKA R&D, a solution for generating clean drinking water in developing communities around the world. By taking old storage containers and converting them into these centers- free water, electricity and Wifi was made with further access to medicine, drinks and important local information also being supplied. By going beyond just trying to sell their product but actively aim to better these communities, Coca-Cola generates 800 litres of water daily.

ekocenter-coca-cola-db01 ekocenter-coca-cola-db04 ekocenter-coca-cola-db05 ekocenter-coca-cola-db06  ekocenter-coca-cola-db021-818x543

All in all, Coca-Cola engaged with their audiences and gave both compelling and award winning campaigns as-well as making active differences in the lives of hundreds of thousands people.

Great brands are beyond a mere design, but also reflect a core set of values and ideas. It requires figuring out what makes you unique and pushing it.
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