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21 Balançoires (21 Swings), a project recently done by a team of Montreal designers will bring some whimsy to your week.

Canadian design collective, Daily Tous Les Jours, has placed an interactive installation of musical swings alongside a Montréal city street — next to a bus stop. A fresh look on the idea of cooperation, the swings play a tune when pedestrians move in unison rather than independently.The result is a giant instrument made of 21 musical swings; each swing in motion triggers different notes, all the swings together compose a piece, the sounds of which emerge only from cooperation.

This project shows how design can be used to encourage ownership of the public space, bringing together community and creating a place for playing and hanging out in the middle of the city.

via Vimeo.


21B_03_OlivierBlouin-968x645 21B_04_OlivierBlouin-968x645 21B_06_OlivierBlouin-968x645 21B_07_OlivierBlouin-968x645



Created by: Mouna Andraos & Melissa Mongiat

Video by: Geoffrey Boulangé

Photos by: Olivier Blouin


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