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It’s already 2020. Okay not yet, but in a few weeks 2019 will come to an end and it’ll be the end of the decade (which sounds a lot more ceremonious).

It’s been an exciting and eventful year for us at Nicework — from undertaking two office moves and starting an action netball team (that’s right, we sports hard), to helping our clients define their purpose and impact, map their sales processes and their customer journeys too.

It’s because of the great organizations that we work with that we get to see 2019 (and the decade) out on a high note.

We conceptualised themes and menus for one of the World’s Best Bars and partnered with brave and brilliant founders and CEOs to refresh and rebrand their organisations. We helped some of South Africa’s biggest corporates and FMCG brands create and deliver on their strategies, and we released a million (definitely a verifiable fact) newsletters, social media posts, and videos in between.

We look forward to helping all of our clients continue to deliver their impact in 2020.

If you’re looking to define your purpose, make your mark in the world, or start the best-most-amazing design partnership in the year ahead, reach out and let’s grab a coffee.

Towards purpose and impact in 2020!
The Nicework Team

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