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A new day; a new generation!  Generation Y (in South Africa demarcated as born between 1982 and 1994) is not exactly known for an extensive attention span or great brand loyalty.  This group however makes up a major part of the workforce, contributing to the economy today.  Social media and lots of quick, visual and entertaining communication has therefore become an integral part of many a marketing strategy.

According to McKend (2015), Country Director at Google SA, the digital landscape in South Africa is growing, attracting new users daily. More Google.co.za searches are now being done via mobile devices than via computers!  The South African marketing landscape creates great opportunities for digital marketing.


A great social media campaign to learn from is #muttbombing by Dallas Pets Alive (DPA).  This fun, quirky and Generation Y-driven initiative was started in 2014-2015 to find homes for pets to be fostered or adopted.  Pictures of mixed race rescue dogs were Photoshopped into the selfies of amongst others, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and Ryan Gosling to create a bigger online presence, leveraging celebrities’ social media popularity and the greater public’s curiosity.  The new and improved pictures were then uploaded to Twitter alongside the originals, sporting a plea for adoption written as by the pups themselves!

The campaign was hugely successful.  Muttbombing went viral and the DPA saw a 700% increase in traffic to their website, a 55% increase in adoptions and a 300% increase in Instagram followers.  The idea of #muttbombing was adopted by other shelters around the US and was even used by Dreamworks to promote their movie Mr Peabody and Sherman.  The only continent they didn’t get media coverage in is Antarctica. But hey, we don’t blame them! So as it turns out, Muttbombing is not only a life-saver for the rescue dogs, but also a real social media dream come true.

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