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Tartan Studios is a niche interior design studio that specialises in creating bespoke bar and club interiors. Nicework was approached to create a full corporate identity for the company, including stationary, business cards, presentation documents, as well as the design and development of their website.

The client required a sophisticated corporate identity that would appeal to their niche target market, as well as reflecting their focus on pattern and texture.  Versatility was a must, the logo had to work on its on as a striking symbol of the company as well as being unobtrusive in client presentations. A darker colour palette was requested to reflect the company’s focus on nighttime venues.

The logo design plays on the repetition of letters in the title to create a typographic pattern that refers to tartan fabric. The secondary type, which is rendered in a more fine and feminine typeface, balances the boldness of its surrounding black background. The logo can function on its own as a striking blocked logtype design, but can also work on more busy applications because of its simplicity.

13 different textures were used as accent design elements in the company documents to refer to the company’s tactile design approach. These patterns and textures add interest to a generally boring stationary format, as well as referring to the luxury bespoke aesthetic of Tartan Studios.

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