Nicework Reads – Week 34: 2019

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Here are a few things that have been under our noses this week.

The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant

Food delivery apps are reshaping the restaurant industry — and how we eat — by inspiring digital-only establishments that don’t need a dining room or waiters.

Concept crocs logo gives ‘ugly’ shoe brand a smart new look

Designers reimagining classic logo designs is nothing new. A brilliant way to hone your design skills, taking on an instantly recognisable logomark with a new concept design is no easy feat. But occasionally, the practise throws up some incredible gems, just like this concept Crocs logo by designer Stephen Kelleher.

‘Best Times’ To Post On Social Media, Visualized As Handy Heat Maps

The ebb and flow of people across borders has long shaped our world. Data from the past 50 years of international migration help us understand why people make the choice to leave and where they go. Less than 10 percent of these migrants are forced to flee; most are seeking a better life and move only when they can afford to. Global migrants totaled fewer than 100 million in the 1960s, and although the number has increased substantially since then, it remains a fraction of the world’s 7.6 billion people today.

Bonus: Things that we’ve been listening to or watching

Finding (and Keeping) Your Company’s Soul

Ranjay Gulati, professor at Harvard Business School, says the most successful organizations tend to have one thing in common: a soul. Moving beyond culture, the “soul” of a growing start-up — or a more established company — is built on clear business intent, a strong connection to customers, and a stellar employee experience.

How ‘I Spy’ Books Are Made

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