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There’s something quite magical about a sketch; it’s the start of something, which promises things to come. Sketches are free, fluid and expressive. They’re unconstrained and have a spontaneity about them that makes them more honest, interesting, than their perfectly finished final versions. There are spans of wonderful sketchbook scans out there, as many as there are artists and illustrators and doodlers and drawers. These are just a few that I thought were nice.

Julia Grigorieva, a Russian illustrator and doodler queen, shares some gems from her sketchbooks on her Behance profile. Lot’s of stylised kitties and bunnies and girlies… irresistibly cute.


Ignacio Veiga is an Argentinian graphic designer and illustrator. His Moleskin drawings are colourful, bold and intricate, and are reminiscent of graffiti art…the good kind of graffiti.


Hanna Viktorsson is a Swedish illustrator who specialises in figurative and fashion illustrations. She works in by hand in pen and pencil. Her sketchbooks are wonderful examples of the rich textures that can be created with simple line marks.


Irena Zablotska is a Ukrainian illustrator with a wild imagination and interesting style to-boot. Here are some of here Moleskin sketches, which are both dark and playful at the same time. Rad.


Crajes is a creative collaboration between two Spanish artists. They’re inspired by big eyed girls and gore. Their sketches are pretty weird and wild and kind of cool too.

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