The Value of Line.

Anton Burmistrov is a graphic designer raised in a country that no longer exists. He attended the Tallinn School of Art then graduated from the University of Greenwich. He has worked as a designer at London agencies such as Hey Human, Brave and Leo Burnett across a variety of work in print, TV, digital and social. Currently works in his own home-studio and freelancing. He has worked with clients such as Red Bull, P&G, Mercedes-Benz, Absolut Vodka, Vitamin Water, Panasonic and more.

Anton really understands the value of line. The balance of bold and hairline weights results in a beautiful visual harmony.

Today, we are looking at a project called Feest Noel. “Feest Noel is a Belgian-style quadrupel with Christmas spice, a merriment in a glass- a spiced Christmas ale meant to evoke joy and mystery. I was asked to design a beer label for this delicious holiday season beer. Label was supposed to represent old-style typography and detailed filigree and flourishes. Classic!”

feest-noel_03 feest-noel_06 feest-noel_05 feest-noel_01 9

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great brands are communicated, not designed

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