Utter Otter Artistry

If this doesn’t make your Monday a brighter day, then I don’t know what will, nor do I know whether we could ever be friends.

Take a look, and be romanced by these delicate illustrations done by 星明 李 . Bringing a character to life is an art, and as we see here, can be projected thoroughly exuding the effect of emotion, mannerism, personality by simply putting pencil to paper. His spatial understanding and soft technique creates artwork that is detailed and refined, yet warm and playful. I am a fan, and I hope you are too.







Happy Monday, everyone. May your week continue to be fuzzy, friendly and top-class (much like our Otter friend here).

Jump into the wonders of visual storytelling and explore a world of sensory emotions. Great design communicates – what do you have to say?

great brands are communicated, not designed

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