Zombies hate stuff

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Traffic, wet socks, Mondays, low battery and no phone charger, and of course, Comic Sans – These are a few of my least favourite things. But what about Zombies? What do Zombies hate?  This book by Greg Stones  beautifully illustrates the list of things zombies hate.

A common question the America artist is often asked is: Will this book help us survive a zombie apocalypse?

Stone’s reply: Yes, obviously.  If you know that zombies hate clowns, you will not become a clown, with the added bonus that there will be one less clown in the world.  Based on this fact alone, Zombies Hate Stuff  benefits the entire planet.

This 64-page book contains 80 individual words and 56 illustrations. As an unexpected extra, the book also includes the list of things Zombies tolerate and the one thing Zombies love (no spoilers – you’ll have to buy the book to find what Zombies love)

Scroll down for a few of the things Zombies hate and check out the rest of Stone’s work here








Even Zombies hate bad design, but the one thing Nicework loves is branding.

great brands are communicated, not designed

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