Art Fight: Candice Bondi vs. Luci Badenhorst

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Another week gone by and another Art Fight post, just for you.

This week our Art Fight contributors are two of our very own, Candice Bondi and Luci Badenhorst. We’re lucky enough to be able to see them and what they do on a daily basis; unfortunately for you, this may not be the case (unless you know where to look). If you don’t know where to look, you can look at Candice’s Behance Page and you can look at Luci’s Behance Page. You could also just download NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction and find even more fantastic content, brought to you by the lovely people of Nicework.

Much like any unbiased parent, we can’t choose our favourite child – this is why we’ve left the voting up to you. Once you’re done looking at the image, you can make a decision on which one is your favourite and then let us know in the poll below.


[poll id=”6″]

Apparently downloading NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction gives you the right to sit at the cool table at lunch. If this isn’t the case at least you’ll have something great to read whilst you’re sitting alone. Download the magazine by clicking on the image below:

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