Art Fight: Renate van Rensburg vs. Ruschka du Toit

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So, in case you didn’t know this yet, it’s FRIDAY! For you this may mean two days of freedom; for us it means presenting you with our second Art Fight post, because we love you and we’re committed to sharing interesting content from NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction with you.

In case you missed it last week, Art Fight is our way of combining combat and art and putting it into a magazine. We split the page in half and each artist creates an image. We then pit those images against each other and let you choose the winner.

Our two contributors for Art Fight this week are Renate van Rensburg and Ruschka du Toit. If you’d like to find out more about them and what they do, you can visit Renate’s Behance page, Ruschka’s website, or you can download NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction, and check out the Art Fight feature.

Take a look at the image, scroll down and vote for whoever you think the winner is.



You’ve seen the artwork, now it’s time to choose your favourite…

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Thinking you’d like to see more? How convenient! We have a link for you to download the NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction right here…

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