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Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian glitch artist who manipulates video files to create pieces of art out of corrupted pixels. Mathieu’s work being quite exceptional, we felt that we needed to capture a little bit more of who he is and what he is about.

In his featured article in Nice Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction, Mathieu talks to us about his love for computers and the joy he finds in corrupting video clips to make works of art. He has a wonderfully eclectic taste in music, and a short, yet in-depth timeline on his underwear colour choices. If you’re intrigued and would like to see more, you can do so on Mathieu’s Facebook page.


Now is the part where we tell you that you can read the full article by downloading the magazine right here – but you’ve probably already done that, haven’t you?

If you haven’t (naughty), we’ll give you a second chance. Just click on the image below:

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